Saturday, June 14, 2008

Warm, Not Hot Weekend; Matt's First Blog Post Tonight!

Good Saturday morning to all. After last night's lightning and rain show, we look to see some more showers and storms refire, but do not anticipate any of these storms to reach severe limits. The only storm report out of TN was the Sparta report that I mentioned in my previous post, but around Clarksville, Waverly, Paris...they may have gotten some tree limbs down and maybe a leaning power line or two, but nothing major. The high's today look to stay in the 80's for most spots and the rain chances are bigger as you move towards Bonnaroo and areas around them in southeastern TN. Here's the forecasted high's for today, in addition to the rain chances today.

Nashville: mid 80's; 40% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 30% chance
Cookeville: LOW 80's; 50% chance
Columbia: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Manchester: mid 80's; 60% chance

Also, I would like to tell everyone that tonight is suppose to be Matt Brawner's first night as a Highland Rim Wx Blog poster! We are currently thinking of a blog schedule where he will post at certain times and I will post at certain times, to not get confused and post a post close to each other. Once we get this schedule up and agreed on, I will post the schedule on here so you guys know what to expect from us. Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment on how and if you like this idea...I personally love the idea of having two blog posters.

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