Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another June Day; Another Day of Hot and Dry Conditions

As we hit the 5th day in June, the weather pattern is going to stay the same with Hot and Dry conditions. Our next rain chance isn't until next Tuesday and those chances are slim at best. The high's today should range from the low 90's in Nashville to the upper 80's on the Plateau. Lets all hope that rain will come back soon, cause with the heat indexes rising into the 100º mark...Drink Water when outside (CMA Music Fest people). Here's some of the forecasted high's for today. HI means (Heat Index)

Nashville: low 90's; HI- over 100º due to the concrete and asphalt
Clarksville: low to mid 90's; HI- over 100º
Cookeville: upper 80's; HI- in the mid to upper 90's
Columbia: low to mid 90's; HI- over 100º
Manchester: low to mid 90's: HI- close to 100º

I'll have a report on the potential of a recorded tornado outbreak of the Plains states today.

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