Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Back!!!! Not Sure If That Is What You Wanted To Hear

Good morning to all! After being away for about 2 weeks, I have now decided to come back to the Highland Rim TN WX Blog. With my arrival back, I am going to try and get a Facebook page set up here soon. I will be gone to Memphis this weekend and won't be back til Sunday afternoon, so it may be Monday til I get that all up and going.

Today's weather looks rather nice over the region. With the passage of yesterday's cold front, we will see rain free skies, but we could see some cumulus clouds build during the heating of the day today, but rain will be gone. Our next rain chance comes later Saturday night into Sunday when a weak cold front comes in from our N and will more then likely only affect the citizens north of Nashville into the SCK regions. I only have the chances here at 30% while OHX has 20% out for late Saturday night.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: upper 70's to low 80's
Columbia: low 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's
Manchester: upper 70's to low 80's

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Outlook

Today is the first day of noticeable weather change since Monday. Clouds rolled in late last night and early this morning and now fill our skies. For the most part, Tennessee is mostly cloudy right now. Areas to the SE like Chattanooga have some holes in the clouds. I'm going to go ahead and say we will be Mostly Cloudy through the late morning/early afternoon, then we should see some clearing by mid-afternoon. Now there is not much rain associated with this cloud cover. Areas in NW and W Tennessee are experiencing some light scattered shower activy. Any rain today will be very isolated. You will also notice today will be quite muggy. Dewpoints will range from 57-60 degrees.

Today's Forecast:
Mostly Cloudy becoming Partly Cloudy
High: 83 degrees
Dewpoint: 60 degrees

The weekend looks to be much like todat except our rain chances will rise.

Mostly Cloudy
80 degrees
Chance of Rain: 40%

Thunderstorms Likely
79 degrees
Chance of Rain 95%

Have a Good Day!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday's Forecast; More Great Weather

Today is going to be much like the past two days. No clouds and cool temperatures for you again today in The Mid-State. The much talked about area of high pressure still resides near the Ohio Valley, however I do anticipate a change in the week ahead.

Here's your forecast:
Nashville; Sunny; 81
Columbia; Sunny; 82
Cookeville; Sunny; 80

This week's weather should shape up like this. By tomorrow we should have some clouds start to come into the TN/OH Valley regions, but i'm not seeing a chance of rain Thursday. Friday brings in more sun and clouds but we could see some isolated storms fire up in the heat of the day, not expecting any severe weather out of those storms. Saturday, much the same, sun and clouds with a 20% chance of Isolated Thunderstorms. Now as we move into the Memorial Day timeframe, our chances of seeing precipitation increase. Monday night into Tuesday are our best chances of seeing some rain.
**Weekly NOAA Weather Radio Test Today for the Nashville Transmitter** (162.550 mHZ.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Weather Today; This Week's Outlook

We had more of the same great weather that we've been having the past couple of days. This morning was quite different though, as we had patchy FROST reports coming in from across the mid-state....whod've thought? Frost in May!!! I expect that to be a one-time deal this spring, however.

Here are some current conditions:
Nashville; Sunny; 71 degrees
Crossville; Sunny; 67 degrees
Tullahoma; Sunny; 68 degrees

Tomorrow's Forecast:
The weather for tomorrow should be a repeat of today. Temperatures will start off around 43 degrees in many areas, then warm up to a comfortable high of 81 degrees.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Afternoon Forecast 5/18/09

How about today's weather? No complaints on my end, that's for sure. Canadien High-Pressure has set up to our north and that will continue to give us great weather for the next couple of days. Until that moves out, you can continue to expect below-average temperatures as well as pretty gusty winds for much of the Mid-State.

Current Conditions in Nashville:
Temperature: 68 Degrees
Winds: N at 14 / G 22 mph

**I will continue to post local forecasts on this blog while Charles checks out posting on the other site**

Have a Good Day and check in tonight for an updated forecast.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogs Future...

This is a special note to all my blog readers: I have taken a forecasting job per se on a new website called and I am going to be devoting most of my weather time to that forum. So as of right now, I am going to put this blog on temporary suspension. If I do not like doing that job and or miss the blog...I will gladly come back. But for now, I hope you guys read my Tennessee forecasts on!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Severe Storms Today; More Tomorrow?

This is today's outlook and as you can tell, most areas in Middle TN and SCK are in the Slight risk zone. This morning rain may hamper our instability a good bit and that may diminish our severe threat a good bit, but we could also see some afternoon clearing and if that happens and our temps. go into the 70's...then we are right back in the ballgame. The risk, if we do get storms, would be large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes.
This outlook is for tomorrow and it has all of Middle TN and SCK included. OHX only has my community at a 20% chance of storms which I think they will change since this new outlook was released.
*If nothing else, we are looking at very heavy rainfall totals yet again with some areas getting locally in the 3-4" range...especially across the SW corner where they need no more rain.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wednesday Severe Threat

Wednesday looks like it could get pretty rough in parts of Middle TN and SCK. The threat with this looks to be a strong squall line type system (MCS) and that will bring with it damaging winds and possible isolated tornadoes. This system is still a day away and things could change like timing and intensity. The timing right now is that we may see it pass through western areas of Middle TN by noon and eastern areas by 3-4 pm. I will continue to watch this threat and will update you as needed.

*This afternoon, I am going to make a blog post concerning the issue of severe weather coverage and what my opinion is on it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Possible Tornado Damage in Crossville; Update on Cowboys' Microburst Incident


Yesterday, the same system that hit the SE US today caused extensive damage in the TX/AR/LA regions before making its march this way and it caused a microburst to hit the Dallas Cowboys' Practice Facility in Irving, TX. One staff member is permanently paralyzed from the waist down and 2 other staff members are still hospitalized but all are in stable condition. Here's an updated link to this sad story.

Severe Weather South of Here; Flooding Rains Right On Us

This map is from the HPC (Hydrometeorological Prediction Center) and it is showing that over the next two days, some areas south of I-40 could see an additional 2-3". I am not all agreeing with this map that is only showing the highest amounts being 2.89", I think some localized places will see 4-5" of rain and over a foot of rain before all this leaves us Monday.

All of Middle TN is still in a Flood Watch and I think it is safe to say that most likely we will all stay in these Flood Watches throughout today as we see another round of heavy rain make its way through this region.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Major Flooding Expected!

OHX has issued Flood Watches for all of Middle TN and a few Flood Advisories as well as Flood Warnings.

Flood Advisory counties: Bedford, Lawrence, Davidson, and Williamson

Flood Warnings: Maury, Perry, Hickman, Humphreys, and Bedford

1-5+" of more rain is expected tonight and tomorrow across all of Middle TN. The areas that will have the most likely chance at seeing the highest totals are the ones that have already received a good amount already (Centerville, Columbia, Shelbyville, Linden, etc.). I think some areas will receive over a foot of rain after this is all said and done.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Severe T'storm Watch...Southern Middle TN; Tornado Reports from Lewis County

*Tornado damage in Lewis County has been reported and the reports keep coming in. We heard first that some trailers were overturned and now we have heard that 3 homes have been destroyed. But so far we have not heard of any injuries, but we will keep you updated.

Slight Risk Of Severe Weather Today; Severe Threat All Weekend?

Even after this morning's round of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity, we do have another risk this afternoon of some pop-up severe storms. With the strongest storms, you can expect thunderstorm wind gusts to around 60 mph and large hail to the size of quarters. The tornado threat is and will stay back west in the Great Plains region.

And as we head into the weekend, we keep this stormy weather around as the SPC has all of Middle TN and SCK in a Slight risk for Saturday. Main risks tomorrow will be damaging winds and large hail yet again. Then for Sunday, they have areas from Nashville westward in the Slight zone, but the difference for Sunday is that we do have a low tornado chance unlike for today and tomorrow. But like I said, that chance is low and really it doesn't look to be all that potent in terms of tornadic weather.