Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Forecast

Another great day for us here in the Mid-State. Area Temperatures hovered in the high 60's throughout much of the day. Skies, again, remained clear. You can expect this weather for another several days. Looks like our next chance of rain is next Wednesday, but it is still WAY to early to write that in stone.

Tonight will remain Clear with a Low near 38 degrees.

Halloween looks perfect for Tennessee Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow.
Tomorrow: Sunny, High near 72 Degrees
Halloween Night: Clear with a low near 45 degrees

Have a safe, warm night!

Quick Forecast: 10/30

I'm not feeling the best this morning (people at my school are getting sick and I think it may of spread to me) so I'm just going to give you guys a quick forecast. Today, the high will be right around 70ºF so you can wave those 40º high's good bye for a while at least. Rain doesn't seem to become a factor til next week, so that should leave you with a good end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. Have a good, safe Thursday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poll Results

Will You Be Watching The Show "Storm Chasers" This Year?

Yes: 4 votes

No: 1 vote

Maybe: 0 votes

Thanks for voting, and don't forget that the new episodes of "Storm Chasers" comes on at 10:00 est/9:00 central on Sunday nights. The new blog poll is now up and running!

Freeze!; Sunny, Warmer Afternoon Though

Since we had a hard freeze last night, here are some current reports in these select cites.

Westmoreland (Highland Rim Station): 26ºF
Cookeville: 30ºF
Nashville: 33ºF
Lawrenceburg: 29ºF
Bowling Green, KY: 32ºF
Dover: 28ºF
Hopkinsville, KY: 26ºF

So as you can tell, with most of these temperatures (minus Nashville's) most areas are still dealing with the frost and freezing at this point. We should see a warm up this afternoon and that will lead too a great, sunny day with high's getting close to 60ºF! That's going to feel great, especially when our temps. have barely even gotten out of the 40ºF these past few days. Have an awesome day everyone!

Nashville: upper 50's to low 60's
Clarksville: upper 50's to low 60's
Cookeville: mid to upper 50's
Columbia: upper 50's
Manchester: upper 50's

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rim and Plateau Flurries, Freeze Warning Tonight

Yes! Winter now looks to be here in Middle TN, and so goes the growing season with the freeze we should see tonight. We didn't see a freeze here last night due to the clouds not breaking up and because the clouds didn't break up...flurries have been flying on the Rim and Plateau all night. As of right now, the NWS office in Nashville says that light snow is falling in Cookeville and Crossville this morning. None of it will stick (temperatures are at 36ºF in Cookeville and Crossville), but it is nice to see that we can have snow in October. Most of this activity will subside at around the 7-8 o'clock time frame.

Today will be much like yesterday...cold and windy. With the high's barely getting into the 50's if they even get that high.

Nashville: low 50's
Clarksville: upper 40's to low 50's
Cookeville: mid 40's
Columbia: low 50's
Manchester: upper 40's

Monday, October 27, 2008

Get Your Heaters On!!

Boy the title says it all! Freeze Warnings are now replacing the Previous Freeze Watches. This means that below freezing temperatures are anticipated and any outdoor plants or vegetation could be killed. Temperatures here in Gallatin are hovering in the lower 40's, i'm expecting temperatures to drop into the thirties by 9:30 pm. Now if you are going to the Titans Game tonight, TAKE A JACKET OR FIVE!!!! It will be EXTREMELY cold. I know, with the wind blowing off the Cumberland River and it going into the stands, it will be unpleasent. And also, Please be vigilant of others in your area that may not have adequete heating or a way to stay warm. Give them a blanket or heater.

Here's Tonight's GraphiCast:

**If you are a HAM Radio operator in the Northern Mid-State, (Sumner, Robertson, Trousdale, and Macon Counties) Please tune into to the Tri-County SKYWARN First ever SKYWARN Training net. It will be at 8:00 pm tomorrow(Tuesday) on the 147.2400 Frequncy. I will be the Net Controller so give me a shout out and check in!!!

Good Night and GO TITANS!!!!!!

Brrrr....Cold Is Now Here

The NWS offices in both BNA (Nashville) and LOU (Louisville) have issued Freeze Watches for our areas for the freeze potential for both tonight and tomorrow night. My best guess tells me that we may all get into a Freeze Warning tomorrow night, with most of the area temperatures being below freezing for a short period.

As for today, it looks to be a cold all around day with the high's here on the Rim not getting out of the 40's while areas in and around Nashville will only get into the low 50's (52ºF high for Nashville). We will also have a N/NW wind today at 10-15 mph which will also put a bit of a wind chill in place. So Nashville's high of 52ºF, will more then likely only feel like 47ºF. And guys and gals....tomorrow will be even colder then today, so keep that in mind. Hope everyone has a safe a good Monday!

Nashville: low 50's
Clarksville: upper 40's to low 50's
Cookeville: mid to upper 40's
Columbia: upper 40's to low 50's
Manchester: upper 40's

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Middle TN Freeze Watch; Comfortable Sunday

The map above shows that all the areas of Middle TN and Highland Rim are in a Freeze Watch for Monday night into early Tuesday morning. This will be the first freeze of the year for many, but if you live in the Nashville suburbs you may not see a freeze this go around due to the UHIE (Urban Heat Island Effect) which I will possibly mention a lot this year and will come into play with the winter snows here.

But for today, you can expect much of the same like yesterday, dry and comfortable the only difference is, is that we will possibly see 70's today for many. You should get out and really enjoy today as over the next few days, the Artic chill will be in place over our region. Today would be a nice day for a Sunday drive across your county! Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday.
Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: upper 60's to low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: low 70's
Manchester: upper 60's to low 70's

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Chilly Night

After a cloudy start to the day this morning, clouds began to make their way out of Middle Tennessee. Today was another cool one, I think the cloud cover eraly kept the temperatures from getting up into the 70's. For tonight we are expecting temperatures to remain in the mid-to-lower 40's. The rest of your weekend looks to stay clear and cool right up into next week.

This Graphic is the 06Z run of a Surface Frontal System. As you can see we have a cold front moving through the Mid-South. This system won't bring us anything in the way of rain, but will drop our temperatures enough, to where Monday Night's Low appears to be 32 degrees! THAT'S FREEZING!!!(Literally!)

With that the National Weather Service has issued a Freeze Watch

Have a Great, Warm Night!!!

Clouds Out... Brief Warm-Up... Then Colder Weather Ahead!

Clouds associated with the late week storm system that brought us all the beneficial rain will be on the way out today. Still, most folks will have to deal with patchy dense fog this morning, due to calm winds and saturated ground. The sun will pop out during the afternoon and highs will climb into the lower 60s across the Mid State area. Winds turn southwesterly tomorrow, and a short-lived warm-up ensues. Afternoon highs will climb to near 70...but don't let it fool you... changes ARE on the way. By Monday, a strong cold front will be barreling southeastward, knocking highs Monday back firmly into the 50s on brisk northwest winds. Expect a widespread light frost both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Afternoon highs will slowly moderate into the low to mid 60s through the week, with highs reaching 70 by Friday.

Today's Hometown QuickCast

Nashville: Afternoon sun with a high of 61
Cookeville: Some afternoon clearning with a high of 60
Lawrenceburg: Afternoon sun with a high of 62
Manchester: Afternoon sun with a high of 61
Clarksville: Afternoon sun with a high of 61
Gallatin: Afternoon clearing with a high of 60

Have a great Saturday everybody!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rains Subsiding; Weekend Forecast

After a GREAT rainfall day, we can expect Middle Tennessee's CoCoRaHs observers to chime in their reports from around the area. I can say, for one, it rained ALL DAY at Gallatin and only started to subside after 2:30-3:00 pm! I'm sure I received a Fair amount of precipitation from this system.

Weekend Outlook:
Saturday, Partly Sunny with a High Near 63 degrees

Saturday Night, Cloudy With a Chance of Rain at 30% Low near 40 degrees

Sunday, Mostly Sunny, High near 75 degrees

Sunday Night, Clear with a low near 42 degrees

Rainy Friday; Rainfall Amounts

Here's the HPC's rainfall prediction map for over the next 5 days. Most areas in Middle TN will see totals right around the 1" mark it seems. Isolated spots could see more (more then likely the western parts of Middle TN) and some spots might see less then an inch (more then likely the eastern parts of Middle TN and Cumberland Plateau). But once you get the rain to pass your area...the weekend looks nice and dry. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

Nashville: low to mid 50's; 100% chance
Clarksville: low 50's; 80% chance
Cookeville: low to mid 50's; 100% chance
Columbia: low 50's; 100% chance
Manchester: low to mid 50's; 100% chance

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Windy and Wet Weather Approach

This is the potent system to the west which will be bringing its winds and rains to us tomorrow. The winds will pick up today, especially in the afternoon hours, so remember that when driving on your way home from work or school. The rains look to arrive here in Middle TN by the morning, rush hour commute. This rain is much needed and it looks like the severe potential is will be at 0, so no risk for severe weather in this rain which is good news. The rain does look to clear the area before Friday night, so the football games should be fine , even though you could see a passing shower or two Friday evening, it will be nothing like what Friday morning will be. The high's will only get into the mid 50's and with rain in the will be a chilly Friday.

Nashville: upper 60's; clouds building by afternoon
Clarksville: mid to upper 60's; clouds building by the noon hour
Cookeville: upper 60's; clouds building by the evening hours
Columbia: upper 60's; clouds building by afternoon
Manchester: upper 60's; clouds building by mid-afternoon

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Forecast: 10/22

Good morning everyone, I'm having a late start so I'm going to just have to give you the details of today's weather. Like it was yesterday, today will be clear, but we will have breezy conditions out there so keep that in mind as you are driving home this afternoon. Have a good and safe Weds.

Nashville: upper 60's (isolated low 70's)
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: upper 60's

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cold Night; Rain Chances on the Rise

It is going to be another chilly night for us in the Mid-State. Temperatures tonight will dip into the lower 40's for most in the area. Skies will also clear before tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be a picture perfect day, but unfortunantly it won't last. After tomorrow, get your umbrellas ready, for Thursday through Saturday we have rain chances stacked up, so it will be a relatively soggy way to end the work week. But let's just look forward to tomorrow, shall we?

Tomorrow's Forecast:
8:15 Temp. 49 degrees

Mostly Sunny
High Near 68 degrees

Partly Cloudy
Lows near 39 degrees

Have a Great Night!!!!!

Calm In The Weather Department; Rainy Weekend?

As today seems like another calm, "safe" weather day, we could really still use some rain. Today won't be that day for rain, but later on this week we could see some showers/t'showers move into our region and bring us that needed wet weather. Most of the models are showing the rain leave our area by the time the weekend rolls around, so that would mean our weekend looks like it should be mostly rain free and sunshine abundant.

Nashville: upper 60's (isolated 70's)
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: mid to upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: mid to upper 60's

Monday, October 20, 2008

Frost Advisories; Below Average Week

This morning, if you hadn't already noticed, we have some areas of frost here in Middle TN and some patchy areas of frost in South Central KY. At this time yesterday morning, places on the Highland Rim and Plateau where in a frost advisory, but no one else was. Well this morning all of Middle TN is in a frost advisory with temps. getting down into the mid to upper 30's.

Speaking of temperatures, all of this week you can expect the temperature to stay relatively below average for this time of year. We are normally at 70ºF at this time, but all this week we should stay in the 60's with possibly some isolated 70º spots. We see our next shot of rain and cooler air come in by Thursday evening and Friday night which is fine with me! Hope everyone has a good Monday.

Nashville: upper 60's to low 70's
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: upper 60's

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blog Poll Results; "Storm Chasers Show"

Are You In CoCoRAHs?
4 (50%)

2 (25%)

What is That?
1 (12%)

Heard of it, Haven't Joined
1 (12%)

Votes so far: 8

Thanks to everyone for voting! Don't forget to vote in the new blog poll in place of this one.

* I'd like to remind everyone that the infamous Discovery Channel show "Storm Chasers" will be airing its first episode tomorrow night at 10:00 on Discovery. Reed Timmer and his fellow TVN chasers appeared on the show this year. The site he runs is called, so go check it out!

Friday, October 17, 2008

TN/KY Winter Forecast 08-09' Season

08-09’ TN and KY Winter Outlook
  • Winter Headlines
  • It looks as if the precipitation overall will be slightly below average for not only TN and KY, but for most of the Southeastern states.

    And as far as temperatures go, it seems as they will be above average for much of the winter period, especially as we enter the February period.

    For the ones who may remember, you have probably seen this same year mentioned in many other outlooks, the winter year of 89-90’ looks like the best winter resemblance of what this year may become. And I’ll explain that more at the end of the outlook.


For most of us Middle Tennessean’s and South Central Kentuckians, December may be a “bluff” month of winter wx. I say that because it looks as if the cold air will be in place, but the lack of moisture may cause us to not get much snow at all. If we do get an increased amount of moisture, then December could be a fun month and that is why I call it the “bluff” month cause January and February will be much different.

  • January
If we get any decent amount of snow here in Middle TN and South Central KY, it will more then likely be in the month of January. The moisture will be on the increase, but so will the temps. It does look cold enough, however, that we could see one good TN “snowstorm’ (3+”) occur in this month. Also in this month, due to the moisture and temperature increase…severe weather becomes an issue.
  • February
As far as the month of February goes, if you’re looking for snow, travel to a ski slope in Colorado or Montana cause you are not getting any snow here. I expect to see an active severe weather month in February instead of a winter month due to the warm, above average temperatures and moisture. February looks to have the best precipitation chance out of the 3 months, and as that is a good thing, our severe risk will be amplified when any strong cold fronts comes through our area much like we saw last year.
  • Conclusion
To end on a good note, I will say that for us here in TN and KY, it seems that we will have everything in place to at least have an average 08-09’ winter with many school closings and snow days! I’m going to say that areas of South Central KY may get a total of 11-13” this year while areas in Nashville will see totals of maybe 8-10” this winter. The thing that irritates me is that we will have all the ingredients for snow, but the month that has the most moisture, also will have the highest temperature avg. of all 3 months (February) and then in December, we will have the cold air, but lack the moisture. If we could turn some things around, I’d say this winter would be fun, but we can’t and should still see at least an average snowfall season!

Chilly, Fall Like Weather Pattern In Full Swing

After yesterday's rain/mist event, today will be much different in the fact that we will have sunny skies and highs right around the 65ºF-68ºF depending on your location. I hope everyone saw some rain yesterday, I was out til 11 o'clock last evening and it was still misting here in Lafayette like it was all day. With my rain gauge out of service, I don't know how much rain fell here, if you'd like to post how much rain you got at your location, leave a comment in the comment section. What can be a better end to a work week then a 60º, sunny skied day? Have a great Friday everyone!

* I'm going to be posting my TN/KY Winter Outlook later on today, so be sure you come check out my predictions for the upcoming winter.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Type Weather Here...And Here To Stay?

As I mentioned in the radar photo above, the rain has yet to enter the Nashville metro area, but it has begun raining in the Dover and Paris areas of TN. All of this wet weather is associated with a cold front positioned around Paducah like I also mentioned. It should reach the Nashville area by the lunchtime rush, so be careful if your out and about driving today. Most of the rain should be east of Nashville by the 6-7 o'clock period. There could still be some isolated spots of showers/t'showers in the Nashville area even after the 6-7 o'clock time frame so keep that in mind also.

From what the models are saying, it looks like we could be in this fall like pattern from here on out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if yesterday's 80º reading was the last of the year. Isn't that nice to know! Have a good Thursday everyone.

Nashville: upper 60's; 80% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 60's; 80% chance
Cookeville: upper 60's to low 70's; 60% chance
Columbia: upper 60's; 80% chance
Manchester: low 70's; 60% chance

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Afternoon Update: 10/15

I hope you guys are out enjoying this great day as it looks like once this front comes through Thursday and Friday that we will be in a fall like pattern for at least a week. It's good to have sunshine today as the past couple of days have been partly to mostly cloudy depending on your location in TN and KY. Here are some of the current conditions in Middle TN and South Central KY. All of these reports are from

Sparta: 81ºF, Mostly Sunny
Lewisburg: 78ºF, Partly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny
Dickson: 86ºF, Mostly Sunny
Bowling Green, KY: 85ºF, Mostly Sunny
Gallatin: 83ºF, Partly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Warmth Stays...For a Little While At Least

As you guys may of found out yesterday, we had more cloud coverage then what I was expecting and that caused our temperature to not get as warm as I hoped it would of gotten. Since yesterday was a bit cloudier then anticipated, I feel like today will be much like yesterday in the cloudiness and dryness and the high only getting to about 80ºF. Like I mentioned in the blog title, this warmth won't be around much longer. As this cold front moves over us later on this week, it will not only bring rain, but it will bring cooler temperatures that don't look to rebound any time soon.

Nashville: upper 70's to low 80's
Clarksville: upper 70's to low 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's
Columbia: upper 70's to low 80's
Manchester: upper 70's to low 80's

Monday, October 13, 2008

Less Clouds and a little more toasty... Rain chances ahead???

Clouds hung tough again across the mid-state today as the easterly flow from the Atlantic remained. Clouds should break up a little more tomorrow, and this should allow our afternoon highs to shoot well into the mid 80s for tomorrow and Wednesday. Things should remain dry until around Thursday and Friday, when a cold front settling down toward the area will increase chances of showers and thunderstorms across the area. No severe weather is expected at this time, but we are nearing our fall tornado season... when we have to watch the passage of each cold front very carefully. Things clear out and cool down behind the cold front over the weekend, with highs in the mid to upper 60s and overnight lows between 45 and 52.

Your Hometown Forecast.

City | Conditions | High | Low |

Nashville | Mostly Sunny | 84 | 61
Cookeville | Mostly Sunny | 82 | 56
Clarksville | Partly Sunny | 83 | 59
Lawrenceburg | Mostly Sunny | 84 | 58
Manchester | Sunny | 83 | 57

Warm Autumn Day; Mid-Week Rain?

After what seemed like a short weekend, the next work week period has rolled around and as for the weather, you can expect the first few days to be like the weekend was, warm and dry. Now as we head on into the Thursday and Friday time frame, that is when our next significant rain chance comes into play with an advancing cold front. But for today you don't really have to worry about anything weather wise as it should stay relatively warm and dry. Hope everyone has a good Monday...if that is even possible!

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's to low 80's
Columbia: low 80's
Manchester: low 80's

* Since I'm out of school for Fall Break this entire week, I'm going to be making my Middle TN Winter Outlook forecast and post it sometime this week. It would more then likely be posted on Thursday or Friday.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nice, clear weather ahead... at least for the next few days....

The upper-level storm system that brought our rain during the middle of the week has moved off to the southeast, and high pressure is re-establishing itself across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. The next several days should be partly cloudy to mostly clear, with highs in the lower 80s... and overnight lows in the lower 60s. No chance of rain for the next few days, but that changes toward late Tuesday and especially Wednesday, as a cold front associated with a major winter storm in the Rockies and High Plains this weekend eventually makes it in this direction and washes out. We're not expecting any significant threat of severe weather with this system, and really, rain chances should only increase into the 20-30% range by mid-week next the dynamics with the system will have been long gone into Canada...and any showers or thunderstorms will be scattered.

Friday Night Lights

If you're headed out to any high school football games across the area this evening, the weather will be absolutely great. Temperatures will be around the mid 70s for kickoff, dropping into the upper 60s to near 70 by 4th quarter. No rain and light winds are expected.

Your Hometown Forecast

City | Conditions | High | Low |

Nashville | Mostly Sunny | 82 | 61
Cookeville | Partly Cloudy | 81 | 60
Clarksville | Mostly Sunny | 80 | 62
Lawrenceburg | Mostly Sunny | 83 | 61
Manchester | Mostly Sunny | 82 | 62

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainfall Totals; Foggy Start, Sunny End

Here's the weatherunderground storm rainfall total map from the system that brought many areas .50" to 1" of rain. People along the I-65 corridor had amounts upward of 3-5". We had right around 3" here at the Highland Rim Station. This will help out the drought situation, but it will in no way clear it out.

Since we had this rain and clearing skies, fog has developed across the area making the morning drive a rough go. Please use extreme caution if your going to work this morning. The fog should dissipate at around the 9-10 o'clock time frame and then we will be left with a sunny, dry day. Have a good Thursday everyone!

Nashville: upper 70's
Clarksville: upper 70's
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's
Columbia: upper 70's
Manchester: mid 70's

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soggy Day; Sunny Week in Store

After a very soggy day today, Middle Tennessee is beginning to total up our rainfall estimates and measures. Here in Gallatin at my home, we received 3.38 inches of rain in the past two days. We were running a 2.85' deficit for the year, yeah we're now back to normal. The cold front that generated this activity for us has now pushed through Middle Tennessee and is now heading on the Highland Rim and Cumberland Platuea. Clearing skies can be expected after 10:00pm for most.

Tonight, Mostly Cloudy, Becoming Partly Cloudy, Low near 65 degrees

Thursday. Sunny, High near 82 degrees

Friday, Partly Cloudy, High near 84 degrees
Have a Safe Night and Take it easy on those Roadways!

Quick Forecast- 10/8

For today, expect wet conditions all day long with clearing from west to east later this afternoon. Be careful if you're out and about as the roads will be slick due to the lack of rain mixing with the oil from your vehicle. The high's should get only to 70 due to the rain being around. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Nashville: low 70's; 80% chance
Clarksville: low to mid 80's; 40% chance
Cookeville: upper 60's to low 70's; 100% chance
Columbia: low 70's; 60% chance
Manchester: low 70's; 90% chance

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remembering a Hero; Nighttime Forecast

I will first be posting on the most important weather news of the day. Jerry Orchanian, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Nashville, passed away last Saturday as a result of battling cancer. I was shocked and DEEPLY saddened by the news. I have known Mr. Orchanian since 2006 when he taught a SKYWARN Storm Spotter Class in Gallatin. I had so many questions about the warning process and how things were conducted, pay, and where to get the best education, i'm sure I overwhelmed him with my questions, but he took the time and answered the questions. He even went out of his way to mail me a list of Colleges and Universities offering Meteorological degrees. A few months after the class I E-Mailed him to see if he could let me take a tour of the facility and show me how it's done in the NWS. It was so AMAZING, it was a great day, me and Jerry talked about the Weather, SKYWARN and MANY other topics on my visit there. It was an experience I will never forget. So as I logged on this morning and read the devestating news, I could only think how great of a man he was. As I went to lunch today I glanced outside and to my surprise it was pouring. I tried to think of the forecast and it hit me....This is Jerry's message to us that all is well and he is in heaven. We will miss Jerry greatly and wish his family the best in this very difficult time.

Forecast: Tonight- Mostly Cloudy with a 90% chance of rain. Low's near 75.

Stormy Afternoon, Windy Conditions; Jerry Orchanian

As I'm typing this blog post, I'm hearing the wind chimes ding outside with those breezy conditions. All this wind we are seeing is the rain coming in from our west that will affect us later on this afternoon and this evening. It will also affect us guys on the Highland Rim and Plateau region tomorrow and that will keep our temperature down into the 60's and 70's. Severe weather doesn't look likely due to the lack of instability, but a few embedded stronger t'storms could have gusty winds in them, but don't expect anything too rough. It's great to finally be forecasting wet weather, we really need this rain and it looks like everyone should get some amount out of this event. Some places may get over an inch from this system where there are currently flash flood warnings out for areas in eastern Arkansas due to the heavy rain.

Nashville: upper 70's to low 80's; 50% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 70's; 70% chance
Cookeville: upper 70's to low 80's
Columbia: upper 70's to low 80's; 50% chance
Manchester: low 80's

* Also, the NWS in Nashville is mourning the lose of the Warning Coordinator and spotter class coordinator Jerry Orchanian. He had been battling a long stint with colon cancer and was only 61. He will be missed deeply, but he is in a much better place now and not feeling any more pain! Please keep his family and co-workers in your prayers. Davis Nolan of News 2 did a kind write-up about this sad ordeal. You can read it at

Monday, October 6, 2008

Warmer, Still Dry Though

As you begin your work week this week, you can expect a warmer and yet still dry start with the high's getting into the mid to upper 80's today. Rain does enter the picture however come mid-week and so does the chance of some isolated severe storms. We here at the Highland Rim Station will keep you updated on that potential as that situation progresses. But for today expect hotter and dry conditions. Have a great Monday everyone! Don't forget to vote in the blog poll, it doesn't have much time left.

Nashville: mid to upper 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's
Cookeville: mid 80's
Columbia: mid to upper 80's
Manchester: mid to upper 80's

Friday, October 3, 2008

Patchy Frost; 70º Day Ahead

The counties in light blue on this map by weatherunderground, have the chance at seeing some patchy, light frost this morning when the low got down into the low 40's to upper 30's and the clear skies we had overnight helped this to be possible. We have a current temperature of 40ºF here while areas in Nashville, with the heat island effect, have a temperature of around 45ºF. This frost should wear off by sunrise and we shall see a day in the 70's occur for many in the Mid State, areas on the upper part of the Plateau may not get out of the 60's again, but that will be a very few.

Nashville: low to mid 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: low 70's
Columbia: low to mid 70's
Manchester: low to mid 70's

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crisp Morning; Cool Afternoon

This morning is the coldest it has been for Nashville all year and for many other TN locations too. Our low got to around 40ºF last night and as of right now it is 43ºF and we also are going to have a slight N/NW wind in place that will make it feel cooler then it actually is just like yesterday. Rain still isn't our 7 day future, but some of the models are painting more of a warmer/wetter period to come into play later on this month. Models do change in an instant sometimes, so we will continue to monitor this situation here at the Highland Rim TN WX Station.

Nashville: upper 60's
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: mid to upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: upper 60's

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool Sweep to Continue

The cool air that has been funneling into the mid-south will continue to bring us much of the same. For the week ahead expect much of the same, High's only in the High 60's to Low 70's. Clouds will not be a factor either as we continue to enjoy sunshine.

Sorry for the short post, Have a Good Night!

Fall Is In the Air

And my allergies are showing it too. Every year my allergies go off the wall when everything grows or dies. But that is a sure sign that winter is right around the corner, but we have to get through the fall severe threat first. There won't be any severe storm threat this afternoon as it will be calm and cool. Some people on the Rim and Plateau may not even get out of the 60's for the high today, and the overnight low will give justice to that cool high. So the weather words for today to tell your fellow workers and and calm. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's to low 70's
Columbia: low 70's
Manchester: low 70's