Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freeze!; Sunny, Warmer Afternoon Though

Since we had a hard freeze last night, here are some current reports in these select cites.

Westmoreland (Highland Rim Station): 26ºF
Cookeville: 30ºF
Nashville: 33ºF
Lawrenceburg: 29ºF
Bowling Green, KY: 32ºF
Dover: 28ºF
Hopkinsville, KY: 26ºF

So as you can tell, with most of these temperatures (minus Nashville's) most areas are still dealing with the frost and freezing at this point. We should see a warm up this afternoon and that will lead too a great, sunny day with high's getting close to 60ºF! That's going to feel great, especially when our temps. have barely even gotten out of the 40ºF these past few days. Have an awesome day everyone!

Nashville: upper 50's to low 60's
Clarksville: upper 50's to low 60's
Cookeville: mid to upper 50's
Columbia: upper 50's
Manchester: upper 50's

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