Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cool Sweep Sets In; Nighttime Forecast

Another calm day for us in Middle Tennessee. As I said, the areas that received rain from the passage of the cold front. Not much fell in the way of rain for those who got it. But those who got it are lucky. We won't see much in the way of rain....or clouds for that matter, for the rest of the week as a ridge of High Pressure sets in for a LONG visit. As mentioned before, we woill see below-average temperatures for the remainder of the week.

Around the Mid-State:

Nashville: Sunny; 77 degrees

Smyrna: Mostly Sunny; 80 degrees

Tullahoma: Sunny; 79 degrees

Here's how our forecast is shaping up for the week ahead:

Wednesday: Sunny; High near 68 degrees

Thursday: Sunny; High near 67 degrees

Friday: Sunny; High near 74 degrees

Friday Night (Football): Clear; Low near 46

Have a Good Night!

Wet Morning; Cooler Weather Ahead

Matt's evening post last night tells the story on why this cool down will be in affect, but before the cool down, the cold front has to pass and that is what is occurring this morning. There is some light to moderate rain falling from the sky due to the cold front passage this morning which is mainly confined to the northern and eastern sections of Middle TN into the Rim and Plateau regions. We had some rain pass over the Highland Rim Station this morning, it didn't last long, but it was a good sign that rain can still fall in TN! Most of this action will be pushing off later this morning and that will leave us with a cooler and sunny afternoon. The high's shouldn't get out of the 70's today and those overnight low's will be LOW. Have a good Tuesday!

Nashville: upper 70's
Clarksville: upper 70's
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's
Columbia: upper 70's
Manchester: mid to upper 70's

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Changes in the Week Ahead

The title says it all. We have major changes coming to the Mid-South on Tuesday. A cold front will sweep across our area bringing temperatures down in a BIG way. Low 70's can be expected for the Tuesday-Friday timeframe with the best day being Wednesday for experiencing the low temperatures. Now for the rain department it appears that Monday Night and Tuesday Morning hold a slight chance of seeing a shower or two, I don't think this will be a widespread event, so i'll label it as a Isolated Chance, mainly in the Upper Counties (Montgomery, Robertson, Sumner, Macon, etc.,).

Other than that the weather department looks to be very quiet for a while.

Mostly Clear
Low's Near 59
Light Winds

Have a great night


Sunday Forecast; Gametime Conditions

Another chilly start for us this morning, not that we don't enjoy it or anything, right? Today looks to be a fairly unactive day in Middle Tennessee's Weather Department. Today's high should reach up to about 83.
There is a much noticeable change coming for the week ahead. The Graphic explains it. A cold front will move across our region Tuesday, that should filter in cold air, which in turn will drop our temperatures. Wednesday is the prime example of the cooler air, as the High will only be 70 Degrees!

Here's your Titans Gameday Forecast!
Titans vs. Vikings
12:00 PM in Nashville, Channel 17.
Temp at Kickoff 82

Current Conditions in Nashville


65 degrees

Have a great rest of the week.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chilly Start to the Weekend

You can feel it step outside and say, ahhh, that was nice! The cool air is setting in across the mid-state. Even the highs today will reflect the significant drop in temperatures. On last night's post, I said that it would be mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain. Today is much different:

Today, Partly Cloudy, High Near 82 degrees

The clouds are a result from a Low Pressure sytem over the Carolinas that will swoop some clouds our way. I would show you the Satellite Image but it is still to early to get a good view of the clouds.

Current Conditions at Nashville International Airport:
Temperature, 63 degrees
Dew Point, 56
Relative Humidity, 77.9%

Have a Good Day.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Football Friday Forecast

It has been a great day to end the work week. Throughout the Mid-State, skies were cloudless. We can love the weather but we also need the rain, we are now running a deficit. After such a great start to the 2008 Rain Totals, we have now dipped. Not to fret, there is a minute chance of rain on the horizon, I'll detail that in my Highland Rim 3-Day Forecast. Here's a small rundown of some area Football Games:

Gallatin @ Smyrna (Radio 1010 AM)
Kickoff: 7:30 p.m.
Kickoff Temp. 72 (getting down into the 60's!!)

Hillsboro vs. Hillwood
Kickoff: 7:30
Temp. Low 70's , Upper 60's

Beech @ White House
Kickoff: 7:30 pm
Temp. Lower 70's

**It would be a good idea to take a light jacket to any games or outdoor activities tonight, as it will be a little chilly.

The Highland Rim Forecast:

Tonight: Partly Cloudy, Lows in the Upper 50's
Saturday: Mostly Cloudy, Slight Chance of Rain, High near 80, Chance of Rain 20%
Sunday, Partly Sunny, High near 80.

Have a good safe weekend!

Tropical Clouds, Cooler Weather

With the tropical clouds in place from the disturbance over in the Carolinas, our temperatures will be held down today into the low 80's with areas east of Nashville not getting out of the 70's. We will also have a north wind in place that will keep the humidity down as well. Areas over on the Plateau and eastern Highland Rim (Cookeville, McMinnville, Livingston, etc.) you guys could see some light rain from this tropical system, but everyone else should stay dry for the most part. So all in all expect nice, cloudy conditions like we have had over the past week.

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: low to mid 80's (not as much cloud cover)
Cookeville: upper 70's; 20% chance
Columbia: low 80's
Manchester: upper 70's to low 80's; 20% chance

*Sorry for my lack of posting, my computer has been giving me fits lately and now it has decided to straighten up. So I shouldn't have any more computer interruptions for a while.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Weather; Drought Update

This fall like weather that has been going on for at least a week now looks to continue for a while. The GFS model is pointing out a possible early frost about a week away, but the models can change in a hurry but it's something to watch.

The drought situation is only worsening and there still looks to be no rain in the forecast for at least this week. A handful of counties in Middle TN have asked for state relief due to the drought cutting their crop production down substantially. Hopefully we can get a couple of days of rain here soon.

Nashville: low to mid 80's
Clarksville: low to mid 80's
Cookeville: low 80's
Columbia: low to mid 80's
Manchester: low to mid 80's

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sept. 22nd Forecast

Today, like many of the past days, will bring to us Middle Tennesseans dry and cooler weather. The high's will be in the 80's, but overall it shouldn't be a bad day. If you guys mowed your lawn this weekend (like I did) then you may not have to mow it again til next spring if the rain stays away like it's doing. We have a stubborn High pressure in place which is keeping all the rains out of our region. Don't expect too many rain chances this week either, the best chance we have all week is 20%.

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's
Cookeville: low to mid 80's
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: mid 80's

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drought Situation; Less Wind, Higher Temp., but Still Great Weather

I hate to be the messenger of bad news during these great weather times, but underneath this 80º cool fall type weather, the drought is still continuing for many here in the Mid. State. The rest of the work week doesn't show any rain chances at all. We really have to wait til next week to have a decent shot at anything. Hopefully we can enjoy these next couple f days and then soon we will have good rains that will hopefully knock this drought for a loop. But we will need alot of rain to do that.

Nashville: low to mid 80's
Clarksville: low to mid 80's
Cookeville: low 80's
Columbia: low to mid 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nice Weather Continues; Dr. Goodrich Post; AND Highland Rim TN WX StormWatchers

FALL, FALL, FALL! That's the weather words of this week and it looks to continue for at least a couple more days. You should expect much of the same weather today as you did yesterday. The regional high's today will be stationed right around the 80º mark for everyone and winds will be between 5-8 mph at times but nothing too bad overall.

* Dr. Goodrich, Faculty Advisor at WKU over the meteorology track who I met on my trip to Western, made a good post about this fall like weather, and what to expect later on in weather's journey. http://blog.wku.edu/~gregory.goodrich/?p=162 Have a great Weds. and don't forget to vote in the new blog poll.

* I added a new tool to the blog, it's called "The Highland Rim TN WX StormWatchers" and anyone who follows the blog can join. The area you can join is found underneath the Weather Models page element and right above the About Us page. We'd like for many of our blog followers to join!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Forecast 9/16; Weather Picture Reminder

For today, you can expect great, fall like conditions just like yesterday. The rest of the week looks to be this good! We really needed this break from watching all the Atlantic and Gulf tropical systems come through. Also, please remember the ones who where affected by Hurricane Ike in Galveston, and where else Ike caused destruction.

* Remember, if you have weather pictures you'd like for me to post on the blog, just send it too my e-mail address (charlesloring_2010@hotmail.com) and I'll try my best to post them on here!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Poll Results

" With Winter Fast Approaching, How Much Snow Do You Hope We Get in Total?"

2-3"- 1 vote (11%)

4-7"- 1 vote (11%)

8-11"- 6 votes (66%)

12"+- 1 vote (11%)

Seems like us Tenneseeans want the snow...can't blame ya! Don't forget to vote in the new blog poll.

Ike's Storm Reports; Nice Weather Ahead

The counties in blue, are the ones that reported in tree/power line/ home damage from Ike. Most every county in TN saw tree limbs and branches down with the high winds yesterday. Bowling Green, KY; registered a wind gust to around 50 mph yesterday. This is very unusually for a tropical system to do produce this much damage and wind this far inland. Katrina may of been the only one to do such since.

* Today you can expect much calmer and quieter conditions. No rain, no wind, no problem! High's should only get into the 70's today for everyone due to the passing of a cold front last evening.

Nashville: mid to upper 70's
Clarksville: mid 70's
Cookeville: mid 70's
Columbia: mid to upper 70's
Manchester: mid to upper 70's

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Severe weather potential today? ...Better weather for the week ahead

Currently watching potential convective developments off to the west and southwest of the area. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK has issued a TORNADO WATCH for a good deal of western Tennessee until 10:00 am CDT. Not a whole lot going on at the moment directly upstream. Just a few showers on radar, associated with the outer bands of "Ike". Instability is slowly increasing through the morning though, and low-level shear is very intense. Any sustained updrafts could rotate and lead to tornado development. We will be watching for this action to shift into middle Tennessee later during the day. The SPC has much of middle Tennessee in a Slight Risk of severe weather today, primarily for the threat of isolated tornadoes associated with the outer bands of the remnants of "Ike". Aside from the severe weather threat, breezy conditions will continue today...and the entire region is under a Wind Advisory from the National Weather Service.

Drier air will filter into the region tomorrow and Tuesday behind a cold front that will merge with the remnants of "Ike". Overnight lows will drop back down into the upper 50s over most locations, with afternoon highs into the mid and upper 70s. Temperatures slowly rebound a touch toward the end of the work week, with afternoon highs in the low 80s, but after "Ike" clears the area, no real chances of rain for the next several days.

Have a great Sunday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cat. 2 Hurricane Ike; End of Work Week Forecast

This image really shows how large Ike is. Ike right now has a huge wind field that stretches over most of the coast of TX and into parts of LA. Ike has strengthened slightly up to 105 mph winds and the current forecast track keeps it getting up to Cat. 3 status with a landfall around the greater Houston area.

* For today, the weather words are going to be hot and humid. The rain chances that we thought we had looks now to be slim to none and now the best rain chances are coming when and if Ike comes this way. High's could get close to 90 today, but most areas should stay in the upper 80's with some clouds in the sky, but no rain relief.

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: mid to upper 80's

* I'm going to be out of town this weekend, and with that being said, Fred Gossage will be making the blog post tomorrow for sure, but I don't know about Sunday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Muggy Tennessee Day; Rain Chances on the Rise

As we take time to remember the victims of 9/11, keep our troops over-seas in your minds, Freedom isn't free......

Today was a very muggy day in Tennessee, I should know, I was outside playing baseball for 2 hours, YUK! Today the clouds rolled in and out through most of the day, but now clouds are spread across the Mid-State. A few showers are also present, mainly in Sumner Macon and Robertson Counties, this is VERY light activity at best.

Tomorrow looks to run a 50-60% chance of rain. We in the Mid-State may also find ourselves in a "Slight" risk of severe weather tomorrow as well.

Have a Good Safe Rest Of The Night.

Sept. 11th Post; Hurricane Ike

Most of you guys may remember where and what you where doing on Sept. 11th when the bad news was passed along. I was in the 4th grade and didn't have a clue to what was going on, but I did know that it was bad. Now 7 years later we are still fighting against these same terrorist and they NEED to be stopped one way or another. Even though some Americans may not want us to be in this war, but lets not forget who or what they are fighting for.

My mom's cousin was working at the Pentagon at this time and he was moving from his old office to a new one which was placed on the side that the plane crashed into. He went back to get more of his supplies when it hit so thankfully he wasn't hurt. But there where others that day who weren't so lucky in both the World Trade Centers/Pentagon/ and the Flight 93 passengers.

But as we remember Sept. 11th, we can't forget about what's going on in the Gulf. Ike has moved even further out to sea and is still a Cat.2 with winds at 100 mph. Ike is moving NW and his landfall area looks to be right around Houston/Galveston at Cat. 3 status. Here's my forecast for Ike.

* Landfall Site (Cantore's Spot): Freeport, TX (SE of Houston)

Highest Winds: 125 mph (Cat. 3)

Landfall Winds: 115 mph (Cat. 3)

Tornadoes Spawned from Ike: 10

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cat. 2 Hurricane Ike Update 9/10/08

As of the latest pass, Ike has strengthened back up to Cat.2 status with winds at 100 mph and a mb pressure of 956 and falling. Ike is forecasted to be a Cat. 4 just prior to landfall around the Houston/Galveston, TX regions. Both Galveston and Houston have made mandatory evacuations in preparation of Ike. I'm still going to give my Ike forecast tomorrow morning.

Hurricane Ike; Weds. Forecast

This image is the latest from the NHC of Ike. As you can tell, the western side of Ike is taking a beating from some shear, but if you also notice the dark circles in the middle of Ike. Well that's the convection burst that hear alot about if you follow tropical systems and that is causing Ike to intensify. Right now Ike's winds are at 85 mph and is still forecasted to hit TX. I'll give my forecast in tomorrow's morning's post.

* After some scattered rain yesterday (none here), today looks to be the opposite. It won't be hot and it won't be all that cloudy due to the cold front that passed through us yesterday. There's some patchy fog that has developed, especially south and east of Nashville, so use caution while driving through the fog this morning. Tomorrow we get another shot at some scattered rain with another front. So maybe this time most of us can get some much needed rain.

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's to low 80's
Columbia: low 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurricane Ike; Rain Coming Our Way

Good morning everyone. Ike is still turning heads out at the NHC and here at the Highland Rim TN WX station as well. Ike right now is still a Cat.1 with winds at 80 mph. He hasn't dropped down to the TS that people thought he would of been by this time, but that's due to him begin further south then thought too. And with this further southern track, the NHC has also pushed their landfall south to SOUTHERN TX. When this storm was out in the Atlantic, we had indication that Ike might go to FL or the Carolinas, now he's forecast to hit TX and maybe not even the US. I was hoping we'd get rain out of him, but that seems highly unlikely now if he hits Southern TX.

* Speaking of rain, today we have an excellent chance at some rain and some severe weather also. The SPC has us in a "See Text" area where damaging winds will be the main threat. The rain we could use, but the strong gusty winds is what we could do without. The storms are pushing up from Northern MS this morning and as they move up this way, more storms will begin to fire with the heating of the day and that's where our isolated severe chance will begin.

Nashville: mid 80's; 50% chance
Clarksville: low to mid 80's; 50% chance
Cookeville: low to mid 80's; 60% chance
Columbia: low to mid 80's; 60% chance
Manchester: mid 80's; 50% chance

Monday, September 8, 2008

Warm Day; Rain Chances

It was a warm day for the Mid-State today. Gallatin stretched up into the 90's along with many other cities. But at least it was a clear day. Mostly Sunny skies make a hot day a little better, as long as you're inside. There is a slight chance of rain for the eastern half of Middle Tennessee tonight into the early morning hours. That's gonna be about a 30% chance. Tomorrow will be better for the chances of rain. Gets up to about 50%

Tomorrow's Highs:
Nashville: 82 40 % Chance of Rain
Gallatin: 81 40% Chance of Rain
Clarksville: 82 50% Chance of Rain

Cat. 1 Hurricane Ike Update

As I mentioned this morning, Ike has indeed weakened alot since crossing Cuba, but he is still at hurricane status with winds at 80 mph. He is currently over the Carribean waters, but is forecasted to go back over NW Cuba later on during the next several hours. I want you to notice something...even though Ike has lost alot of his strength, you can still see a tight center of circulation which means once he gets out over the open waters (like he is now) it wouldn't take him long to grow if the right setups are in place. Which at this time is not since he is still so close to land, but if this was the satellite picture back over the Gulf, it would strength fast.I put this image back up, too show you the big change in the spaghetti charts from what they where this morning. I wasn't buying into the TX landfall, but now I'm beginning to trend that way, if the models continue to do so. Once Ike hits his landfall point, alot of the models are sending Ike up to the N/NW at a fast rate of speed. If that was too happen, we here in Middle TN could have a rainy, severe day with gusty winds/heavy rain/isolated tornadoes. Ike is still WAY far out there in the Carribean to be thinking all this threw, but as of right now. That is what would occur later on.

* I would like to announce that the Highland Rim TN WX blog team, has a new addition. His name is Fred Gossage and he is an excellent weather forecaster with a well established knowledge of meteorology that is going to be a great asset to this team and site. We are very honored to have Fred on this team and I can't wait to learn more from him!

Hurricane Ike; Beginning Work Week Forecast

This is the latest infrared view of Ike. Ike has made landfall in Cuba this morning and the image shows it. Ike's current winds are at 105 mph (Cat. 2) and is forecasted to continue weakening as it stays over the Cuban lands. The most recent radar motion shows Ike moving westward instead of NW. If Ike continues to do this, he will be over the Caribbean waters where no one thought he'd go. That scenario is still unlikely, but the more he moves westward, the more likely it becomes.
These are the current spaghetti charts (all models put into one map) and it shows most of them going towards the LA/TX coast. I'm not really buying into that scenario just yet due to a trough that should sweep Ike back to the N/NW. But the latest model runs on that trough has shown that same trough weakening quite a bit and that would allow Ike to go into western LA and eastern TX. I'll continue to follow Ike through the day today at school and will give an afternoon update when I get home.

* There's some light, patchy fog out in the lower valleys of Middle TN and Southern Central KY today, but most of that should be gone by the 8-9 a.m. o'clock time frame. Rain chances this week are slim to none with 40% begin the highest chance and that comes tomorrow with a front that will lower our temperatures as well. Later on tonight we could see some showers/t'showers form ahead of the front, but as the front actually makes it way through us tomorrow, T'storms will be in the mix then. Severe weather isn't anticipated, but with any t'storm lightning will be included so keep that in mind.

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: upper 80's to low 90's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: low 90's

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Forecast; Ike Forecast Map

Good Morning everyone! As we begin our weekend, the weather here in Middle TN couldn't get any better. The morning fog and drizzle should begin to back off at mid-morning today and give way to a partly/mostly clear sky for areas west of Nashville. Areas from Nashville eastward will have to wait til around mid-afternoon for the skies to clear, but the temperatures are the mainly story. Due to a north wind and cloud's. Our temperature will hover right around the 80º mark all day with some areas on the Plateau not getting out of the 70's with isolated shower chances before the bulk of the clouds move out of the region later on this afternoon.
Here's my Ike Forecast Map. This is my first ever forecast map, so it may look a little rough and the colors may not be the best choices either. So please bare with me. If you'd like to make a forecast. Just leave a comment in the comments section for all to see what your forecast is and how well it fared!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Drops Falling From Sky???

It's pretty bad that over the past month, the only way we've seen rain, has been from 2 tropical systems. Fay brought us good amounts, while Gustav only brought light amounts and none to some. Right now we are seeing a band of showers/t'showers form and move off to the NE this evening. The rain is mainly from Nashville eastward and it should continue to leave the Middle TN area as we head into the morning hours. So tomorrow's forecast will be a mostly sunny west, while it will be a mostly cloudy/light rain east giving way to a mostly sunny afternoon. The good thing is, is that the temperatures will be down also with lower humidity! Have a great night and an even better weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Ike, Gustav's Wind and Rains

It seems like it is one storm right after anyone, and now Ike wants to play games with us. Right now the winds of Ike are at 145 mph sustained winds (Cat. 4) and it doesn't appear that anything will be in his way to really weaken him all that much. Right now the models are showing two things Ike can do. One, he can stay out in the Atlantic and not even hinder the US at all. Or two, the models show him making a BIG time landfall in Palm Beach City, FL. We hope Ike chooses to stay out in the Atlantic, but the NHC will continue to follow this storm along with Josephine and Hanna in sight as well.

* For us back in our mainland, there is some rain bands from the remnants of Gustav affecting the western sections of Middle TN this morning. It looks like all of Middle TN has a shot at seeing some rain (mainly tomorrow), but it won't be near as much as we saw with Fay. Even if you don't get rain today, it will be a windy ride so use caution while driving....especially on Nashville interstates.

Nashville: upper 80's; 30% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's; 50% chance
Cookeville: upper 80's to low 90's
Columbia: upper 80's; 30% chance
Manchester: low 90's

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Poll Results; Facebook!

"How Much Rain Did You Get From Fay's Leftovers?"

-1": 3 votes

1.1"-3": 3 votes

3.1"-5": o votes

5.1"+: 1 vote

Thanks to everyone for voting. Don't forget to vote in the new blog poll!

* I also have just made a Facebook. If you want to send me a friend request. All you have to do is search my name (since I believe I'm the only Charles Loring on the planet at this time) and you should get my name and then send me one if you'd like.

Quiet Weather Day; Not So Quiet Tropics

As another day of Middle TN weather goes without rain, we are still seeing that stubborn drought persist. Our next rain chance is tomorrow which is only at 40% so not everyone will see rain tomorrow. And that moisture is what's left of Gustav which will past north of us giving us that rain chance, but the most likely areas to see that rain will be the northern and western areas of Middle TN.

As we are still and calm...the tropics is quite the opposite. The NHC's meteorologist are getting there fare share of restless nights tracking three different systems at once. Hanna is the closest one to the US, but right now she is having trouble with shear and dry air and it doesn't look like she will do much at all. But right behind her you have Ike and Josephine who are rapidly approaching from the east. Lets hope we get some rain out of any one of these 4 systems cause with these tropical formations coming through, no fronts can come through giving us rain chances.

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: upper 80's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: low 90's

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Landfall Time and Area, Labor Day Forecast

As you can tell, New Orleans is seeing some VERY heavy rain fall and wind. The predicted landfall time is between 10-11 o'clock this morning where Jim Cantore is...Houma, LA. The current strength hasn't changed at all. It looks like it will make landfall as a Cat. 3 with winds at 115 mph with higher gust.

* Not much wind and heavy rain for us here in Middle TN is good news, but we do need some rain as we are still in a drought even after Fay's affects. With not much cloud cover at all (could expect increase in clouds from Gustav this afternoon), you can expect temperatures to rise up into the 90's easily today on your Labor Day holiday, so if your going to be outdoors working, drink plenty of fluids and stay cool.

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: upper 80's to low 90's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: low 90's