Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nice Weather Continues; Dr. Goodrich Post; AND Highland Rim TN WX StormWatchers

FALL, FALL, FALL! That's the weather words of this week and it looks to continue for at least a couple more days. You should expect much of the same weather today as you did yesterday. The regional high's today will be stationed right around the 80ยบ mark for everyone and winds will be between 5-8 mph at times but nothing too bad overall.

* Dr. Goodrich, Faculty Advisor at WKU over the meteorology track who I met on my trip to Western, made a good post about this fall like weather, and what to expect later on in weather's journey. Have a great Weds. and don't forget to vote in the new blog poll.

* I added a new tool to the blog, it's called "The Highland Rim TN WX StormWatchers" and anyone who follows the blog can join. The area you can join is found underneath the Weather Models page element and right above the About Us page. We'd like for many of our blog followers to join!

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