Friday, September 26, 2008

Tropical Clouds, Cooler Weather

With the tropical clouds in place from the disturbance over in the Carolinas, our temperatures will be held down today into the low 80's with areas east of Nashville not getting out of the 70's. We will also have a north wind in place that will keep the humidity down as well. Areas over on the Plateau and eastern Highland Rim (Cookeville, McMinnville, Livingston, etc.) you guys could see some light rain from this tropical system, but everyone else should stay dry for the most part. So all in all expect nice, cloudy conditions like we have had over the past week.

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: low to mid 80's (not as much cloud cover)
Cookeville: upper 70's; 20% chance
Columbia: low 80's
Manchester: upper 70's to low 80's; 20% chance

*Sorry for my lack of posting, my computer has been giving me fits lately and now it has decided to straighten up. So I shouldn't have any more computer interruptions for a while.

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