Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday's Turn At A Stormy Day; Cool Chase Video I'm Going To Show Tomorrow too

As you can see from the SPC's outlook above, most of TN is in a slight risk of severe weather, but what's different about tomorrow's outlook is that we have more of a tornado threat then we did today.

I'm going to post a chase video on when Reed Timmer and his team went out in Osborne, KS. It was pretty intense.

This evening we had a couple of Severe T'storm Warnings here on the Rim and Plateau as well as in southern Mid. TN. There was also 2 wind damage reports from TN.
  • Putnam County (Baxter)- There were reports of at least 2 trees down in the city of Baxter

  • Lincoln County (Petersburg)- Tree fell onto a power line

We could see more reports like these tomorrow and I'll list them on here as they come along, but everyone should have your NOAA weather radios ready for action. My computer is messing up so I can't post the regional lows for tonight, but all areas should stay into the 60's and ever location has at least a 30% chance at a passing storm tonight.

Here's What the NWS in Nashville is Saying About the Storm Chances Tonight

Sorry about the text being small, but if you can't read it, here's what it says..." The cold front will sag southwards into the Ohio Valley today and increase the t'storm chances late this evening into the overnight hours here in Mid. TN. A few storms could be severe with damaging winds and hail."

Sundays' chance:

It looks like from the latest outlook posted by the SPC, that all of Mid. TN is going to get a chance at seeing some active weather again tomorrow. Not everyone will see this activity, but it may interrupt some of your outdoor plans (swimming, cook-out, golf, etc.) Remember that only ONE lightning strike can kill. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope these storms miss everyones plans, but as for me...I hope it hits me. (Storms, not a lightning strike!)

TN Storms Coming in Late Evening, Overnight

I'm going to elaborate what the latest Forecast Discussion from the NWS in Nashville says for the Mid. TN area.
  • The front will setup over the KY/TN state line later today.

  • Moisture will be limited as it first arrives, but as the night goes on the instability will grow and, as a result, will cause more numerous scattered storms.

  • But the main brunt of the storms will come tonight as the front and moisture deepens.

  • Scattered storms will then be on the increase and some will locally become severe with damaging winds and hail being the primary threats.

I'll have more updates as the storms get closer to forming.

Afternoon and Overnight Saturday Storms

As you can see above, all of TN is in a slight risk of severe weather from the Mississippi River Valley all the way over to the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee today. We expect nothing close to the outbreak of severe weather that the Plains and Midwest have had the past couple of days, but a Severe T'storm Warning and maybe even a Severe T'storm Watch is not out of the question. Here's what the categorical chart says.

2% chance of tornadoes

15% chance of hail

15% chance of wind

With the storms not expected to arrive here til the early evening into overnight hours for southern parts of Mid. TN, your morning plans should go uninterrupted weather wise (Read about the Tour de Cure from previous post). We should record are forecasted high of upper 80's for Nashville, mid 80's for the Rim, and low 80's for the Plateau. Here is my forecast for today as well when you should expect the storms to arrive in your neck of the woods.

Nashville: upper 80's; 50% chance; 4-5 p.m.
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 60% chance; 1-2 p.m.
Cookeville: low (over towards Monterrey) to mid (Cookeville) 80's; 50% chance; 3-4 p.m.
Columbia: upper 80's; 50% chance; 6-7 p.m.
Manchester: upper 80's; 40% chance; overnight (threat of severe weather diminishes rapidly)

Movie Review: Here's my worthless two cents about my review of the movie "The Strangers". I'm not a huge scary movie fan (I like Comedy and Sports movies if anyone cares), but this movie was good. It keep you on the end of your chair the whole movie. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tour de Cure starting tomorrow in Nashville

Over at, Jeff Ray, a News 2 meteorologist, posted an article mentioning the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure. It's a two-day bike ride that benefits the association. If you'd like to visit the site and make a donation to the American Diabetes Association, you can find the link at the News 2 website. I have a family member with diabetes so any donations at all would be appreciated.

Evening Forecast Early/ Severe Saturday?

I'm giving the evening forecast early, because I'm going to the movies tonight to see "The Strangers". I'll give you guys a point review of the movie (1-5) tomorrow. Anyway, tonight looks to bring the normal summertime nights with temps. not getting to far below the mid to upper 60's on the Rim and Plateau and maybe not even getting out of the 70's in the Davidson County area (Nashville). Here's a look at the overnight lows.

Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: mid 60's to upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's to low 70's
Manchester: mid to upper 60's

TN Severe Threat:
  • The SPC has all of TN in a 30% chance at seeing some severe weather and a slight risk area.

  • The main threat with these storms are going to be damaging winds and very large, destructive hail.

  • The storms should start to become severe around the early evening hours (4-5 p.m.)

Foggy Morning Here on the Rim, Will Yield to Sunny Skies Later During the Day

Good Friday morning to all my blog readers. Today here in the great state of Tennessee, we look to have mostly sunny skies today after this early morning fog. High's today will be flirting with the 90 degree mark around the Nashville Basin, but here on the Highland Rim and Cumberland Plataeu, we only look to get to about the lower to mid 80's. Here's some of the high's for today here in the Mid. south.

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: low to mid 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: mid to upper 80's

Severe Storms Update:
  • From yesterday's tornado outbreak, there is a preliminary total of 55 tornado reports with most of them being in Kansas and Nebraska.

  • There's a MDT (moderate) risk of severe storms today in the state of Illinois with the threat of tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail

  • There's currently a Tornado Watch out for parts of Iowa and Illinois.

  • The active string of severe weather is to continue into the weekend over much of the northeast and even getting into TN late Saturday and early Sunday. The threats though are mainly going to be strong wind gust and hail. I'll have more on this potential threat later on during the day.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Evening Forecast; Plains Severe Weather Event Update

I'm going to first give you are TN forecast for tonight. Temps. look to stay in the mid to upper 60's for Nashville and surrounding areas and stay in the low 60's for our area here on the Rim and Plateau. Saturday looks like are next chance at seeing some convective summertime storms. The SPC has all of Mid. TN in a slight risk area for Saturday, so it's something to watch. Here's some fo the regional temps. for tonight.

Nashville: mid 60's
Clarksville: mid 60's
Cookeville: low 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: low to mid 60's

Severe Update:
  • The SPC has taken out the High risk area and is being content with a MDT risk area. Which is great news.

  • There are currently 5 Tornado watches out and 1 Severe T'storm Watch out.

  • There have been 20-25 tornado reports called in to the SPC tonight and more is expected. 2 in Wyoming, 8 in Kansas, 14 in Nebraska, 6 in South Dakota, and 1 in Iowa.

  • Tornado on the ground close to Concordia, KS and moving very close to Concordia at 9:35 this evening.

National U.S. Severe Weather Update

To give my blog readers a heads up on what is happening out in the Plains states. I will have more updates at the Evening Forecast hour. I'll give an evening forecast for us here in Middle TN shortly.

  • Tornado or maybe tornadoes reported on the ground in Kearney, NE with damage reported. No know injuries or deaths at the moment (thankfully)

  • 3 different Tornado Watches out for Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado. Severe Thunderstorm Watch out for parts of Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas

  • Severe T'storm Warnings run from Montana all the way south to New Mexico and Tornado Warnings in Kansas and Nebraska.

High Risk Area Going to Be Issued For Parts of NE, SD, and Western IA

I believe this warrent attention after the Parkersburg, IA EF-5 tornado. The severe weather season looks rough for these areas too this year, about as active as it was here earlier.

Here's the write-up from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC):


After a Foggy Start, Nice Thursday

Today looks like a whole different day with all bright and sunny skies and only a slight, slight chance at a passing shower for the southeastern sections of Mid. TN towards Monteagle and Winchester. High's today look to get into the mid 80's for Nashville while us here on the Rim and Plateau deal with upper 70 conditions. Here's the high's for today for these regional cities.

Nashville: low to mid 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: upper 70's low 80's; 10% chance at a shower

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poll Results

Here's what you guys said about the poll question:

"How Many Named Hurricanes Will We Have This Year?"

1-2: 0 votes

3-4: 1 vote

5-6: 3 votes

7+: 5 votes

Thanks to everyone for voting, there's a new poll question to the right of the posting section.

Early Morning Rain; Evening Sun

As I'm posting, we are getting some rain this morning here on the Rim and Plateau as well as in the southeastern sections of Mid. TN which need the free water more then we do. The rain should be out of here by about the noon time hour for all of Mid. TN. This wasn't the amount of rain we were hoping from this system, but at least we got some. We look to hit another dry spell til Saturday and Sunday where we have only a 20%-30% chance at that. It looks like we may be watering our gardens for a while if you haven't already started to do that. High's today, after this early morning rain, look to get close to the 80 degree mark in Nashville, but with this rain and a brisk NE wind, it will not make it. Here's some of the high's today for these locations and there neighboring areas.

Nashville: upper 70's; rain clearing at 9 a.m.
Clarksville: mid 70's; rain out of area
Cookeville: low to mid 70's; rain clearing at 10 a.m.
Columbia: upper 70's; rain clearing at 9-10 a.m.
Manchester: mid to upper 70's; rain clearing by noon time (12 o'clock)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parkersburg, Iowa Tornado Rated an Low Ended EF-5

This is only the second EF-5 ever in the U.S. (the other one was the infamous Greensburg,KS) Here's what the Quick Responce Team from the Des Moines NWS in Iowa found on its investigation. Article from NWS in Des Moines.

Parkersburg Tornado Rated a Low-end EF5
Last updated at 4:30 p.m. Tues. May 27, 2008
SummaryNWS personnel have rated the Parkersburg-New Hartford-Dunkerton tornado as a Low-end EF 5 (correlated to wind speeds up to 205 MPH) on the Enhanced Fujita Scale at the locations of maximum damage. Additional details on path length, width, etc. will be posted on this webpage Wednesday, May 28. This is the first EF5 tornado in Iowa since the Jordan tornado of June 13, 1976.A large and destructive tornado moved across Butler and Black Hawk counties on Sunday May 25th. The initial touchdown occurred near the Butler and Grundy county line, 2 miles south of Aplington at 4:48 pm CDT and quickly grew in size and intensity as it approached Parkersburg. The tornado was nearly 3/4s of a mile wide as it moved through the southern end of Parkersburg at 4:59 pm CDT. Significant structural damage occurred in the town of Parkersburg including 100 to 200 homes destroyed. The tornado maintained size and intensity as it move towards New Hartford. At 5:09 pm CDT the storm moved just north of New Hartford once again causing significant structural and tree damage. The tornado weakened around 3 miles east of New Hartford with lesser damage as it moved east to north of the Waterloo and Cedar Falls area. Significant straight line winds occurred along and just south of the tornado track with preliminary estimates of 90 to 100 mph. The tornado then grew in size to near 1.2 miles wide north of Dunkerton causing substantial damage to a farmstead there. The tornado lifted just before entering Buchanan county.

Flooding Reports Out of Decatur and Hardin Counties

There are flooding reports coming in from Hardin and Decatur Counties in Western Mid. TN, you can find the right up at The Flash Flood Warnings have been extended to include Wayne and Lawerence Counties in Southern Mid. TN. The rains and storms should move into Northern Mid. TN here soon and us here on the Rim, we have a chance at seeing some pop-up storms here shortly. I'll update the flooding reports as they become known.

Flooding Rains Occuring Over In West Tennessee

There is currently Flash Flood Warnings in effect for Decatur County (Parsons) til 11 a.m. ; Hardin County (Savannah) til 10:45 a.m. ; and Carrol County (Huntingdon) til 11:30 a.m. in Western Mid. TN. The heavy rains have been continuing in these warned areas for hours and have accumulated anywhere between 1"-4" of rain and has caused major flooding. I wouldn't be surprised to see more areas in TN be added to the Flash Flooding list as the day goes on and the storms fire and intensify. I'll have more updates as they become neccessary.

Another Warm, Stormy Day; Flash Flooding Concerns

After yesterday's washout, today also looks like it could damper some of your plans this afternoon. I'm putting the chance at seeing these rains/storms at 80% for all of Mid. TN. I would go with 100% by what the models are saying, but I can't do that until it actually starts raining. High's today are going to be well into the 80's like yesterday, but with the rain and t'storms come marching in, the temps. will back off. Many locations in TN got around or over an 1" of rain with some hail and wind damage reports in Moore County (southern Mid. TN) and over in Madison County (Jackson, TN) in TN. We more then likely won't have a squall line event today, but these pop-up storms can be just as threatning as a squall line when it moves through. Here's some of the regional highs for today as well as the chance of precipitation. Flash Flooding is going to be a concern again for today I believe. Remember the key phrase that we all should know if we see suspected high waters, "Turn Around, Don't Drown".

Nashville: mid to upper 80's; 80% chance
Clarksville: low to mid 80's; 80% chance
Cookeville: upper 70's to low 80's; 80% chance
Columbia: mid to upper 80's; 80% chance
Manchester: low to mid 80's; 80% chance

Monday, May 26, 2008

Warm and Rainy/Stormy Night for Middle TN and the Highland Rim

After today's soaking rains for most if not all of Mid. TN and the Highland Rim, we again look to have chances for seeing some storms tonight and again tomorrow. Lows tonight look to stay well into the 60's with the rains moving back in. Here are some of the regional temps for tongiht as well as the rain/storm probiblities.

Nashville: upper 60's; 60% chance
Clarksville: upper 60's; 60% chance
Cookeville: mid 60's; 60% chance
Columbia: upper 60's; 60% chance
Manchester: mid 60's; 60% chance

Is it to Late to Change My Forecast?

Well....well is all I can say after my morning forecast UH-OH. All of Mid. TN and the Highland Rim got a good soaking rain with some thunder and lightning. We all could have used the rain, but not so fast. I wasn't the only one who's Memorial Day plans were messed up because of this all day rain. Tomorrow we look to again have a chance at seeing some T'storms and good soaking rains. It's at an 70%-80% chance right now, but tomorrow I'll post the places and where and who will see the most rains. Like I said in my previous post, here are some of the area rain totals from today's squall line system. You can find the totals here at Thanks again to all for visiting my new blog.

Memorial Day Forecast; Rainy NW TN Morning/Stormy Afternoon

Before I get to the forecast, I would like to personally say a big Thank you to all the veterans and current miltiary soldiers from all divisions and ranks. Today, if your not planning on going to a memorial service, could you please cease what your doing at somepoint during the day and pray for the miltiary soldiers currently fighting overseas and the ones who have already done there part for a moment, because they deserve all the prayers they get today for what they've done for us. The forecast for this beautiful Memorial Day, looks great early on (except for the northwestern part of Mid. TN towards Clarksville), but as the day wears on, we all look to have a 30%-40% chance (expcept the NW corner which has already got rain) of seeing some pop-up t'storms with frequent lightning, hail, and gusty winds are possible in one of these storms. High's today look to get, again, into the upper 80's for the Nashville Basin and the mlow 80's for us here on the Highland Rim and the Cumberland Plateau. I hope to have an evening update tonight with some of thr rain totals today if I get home in time from my Memorial Day family get together. Here's some of the High's for Mid. TN and the rain chances for this afternoon.
Nashville: upper 80's; 30% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 100% chance this morning-50% chance this afternoon
Cookeville: low 80's; 30% chance
Columbia: upper 80's; 30%-40% chance
Manchester: mid 80's; 30% chance

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Warm Night; Pop-up Memorial Day storms?

Tonight here in Middle TN, we look to stay in the 60's in most locations tonight. Tomorrow still looks good early on, but as the day wares on into the afternoon, we could see some scattered t'storms pop up and like I previously posted, if a storm pops up at your memorial service or party, get under a shelter, as lightning is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world. Here's some of regional temps. for tonight.

Nashville: mid 60's
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: upper 50's; low 60's
Columbia: mid to upper 60's
Manchester: low 60's

Good Sunday; Better Memorial Day?

Before I get to my actually post I want to give you blog reader some advice. If you go to church Sunday morning, don't be out at the local drive-in watching "Indiana Jones" and "Iron Man" and not get home til 1 in the morning, cause that's exactly what I did and I feel awful. LOL! looks to bring deja-vu conditions to Mid. TN. The regional Temps. look to vary from the the upper 80's in Nashville, to the low 80's on the Plateau. For Memorial Day, we issue the chance of seeing some summertime pop-up storms in the afternoon of the daytime heating that can cause lightning. Remember, if a storms pop's up where your having your memorial service or party....go inside of a shelter and wait out the storm. Cause ONE lightning strike can kill a human. Here's some of the regional temperatures for today. If you have any weather questions that you would like to know the answer too, e-mail me the question at

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's
Cookeville: low 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: upper 80's

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Questions & Answers; Question 1

Here's a question that I received while over at (sports forum). The question was, "Why Does it Seem to Always Rain on the Weekends?" To answer this question I got some help from News 2 meteorologist Justin Bruce. There are two different sides that could answer this question. The first side deals with the weather (meteorological) setups. Like Justin reminded me about, there's what meteorologist call Synoptic systems (which are large scale weather systems that are steered along by the jet stream) and when we get these systems, they come along every 6-7 days. Which would make it seem like it would rain on Saturday and Sunday. But these do occur during other parts of the week as well. The second side that you have is the human nature side. We as humans love are weekends, and when they get ruined by rain, we get very upset. So we tend to remember when it rains on the weekends, rather then during the week when you are at work or, in my case, school. Again, I would like to thank Justin Bruce for helping me with the answer. I hope you guys keep bringing me the questions.

Sunny Saturday; Memorial Day Forecast

After my brother's graduation last night, today looks to be a fine time to get out and play some GOLF! To bad I don't get to, but I would if I could. High's today range from the Mid-upper 80's in the southwestern parts of Mid TN, to the mid to upper 70's on the Cumberland Plateau. We are going to be under clear skies today and it looks that way through the Memorial Day holiday. During this holiday, please remember the soldiers who are currently fighting over seas and also the veterans who have fought for this country before. Everyone have safe traveling during this holiday weekend and the weather souldn't slow you down a bit. Here's some area High's for today.

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's
Columbia: mid to upper 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Friday, May 23, 2008

Future Blog Plan: Weather Questions & Answers

Ok, here's my what my plans are: First off this is solely going to depend on you guys. What I hope I will do is make a new page element where you guys will be able to send your weather questions to me at my e-mail address. And then I will pick one question a week and answer it. But first I've got to see if you guys would like this or not. Please leave a comment and how you would like this idea. Remember, for this to work, you guys are going to have to think of some weather questions to ask me and I will try to answer one or two a week depending on how many questions I have in my inbox. I am looking forward to answering your questions. Thanks!

Friday; Rain or Dry?

This is how many storm reports that the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) got yesterday from the outbreak of severe weather. Today there is a moderate risk area up for Central KS again today with the threat of strong tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail. But for us back home, we look to have a chance of seeing some rain/t'showers later on through the day. I'm putting the chances at a favorable 40%. Temps. today look to be in the 70's in every location in the state of Tennessee, but some locations may get up into the low to mid 80's. Here's some of the regional temperatures and rain chances for today. Later, I'm going to explain to ya'll my future blog plans that will include each and everyone of my blog members.

Nashville: mid 80's; 40%
Clarksville: mid 80's; 40%
Cookeville: low 80's; 40%
Columbia: mid 80's; 40%
Manchester: low 80's; 40%

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rough West; Calm East

As day one, of what looks like a possible string of severe weather, winds down for are friend over on the Plains and Rockies. It isn't over yet, there threat continues into the overnight hours and will again threaten parts of the Great Plains tomorrow. But for us back here in the Volunteer State, we look to stay severe weather free, but I can't rule out one or two Severe T'storm Warnings tomorrow with hail and damaging wind gust, but all areas of TN look to see at least a 40% chance of rain or a passing t'storm. We then look to clear out for the extra long weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to explain to you all what one of my future plans is that will involve all of you blog readers. Tonight is going to be a rather warm night. Here's an outlook for the temps tonight for these TN areas.

Nashville: lower 60's
Clarksville: upper 50's
Cookeville: mid 50's
Columbia: lower 60's
Manchester: upper 50's to lower 60's

Midday Update; and Great Plains/Rockies Severe Weather Event

This picture is from Denver station KUSA-TV showing the tornado as it is going towards Windsor in Weld Co. Colorado. This tornado has been reported being a much as a mile wide in width. There is one known fatality in the town of Windsor, and there is numerous widespread damage throughout the small town. To add to this now deadly rage of severe weather. There has been a high risk area issued for the Western parts of Kansas. There has also been a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) Tornado Watch put up for that same area too. This active weather looks to continue even into the nighttime hours. Conditions here are thankfully much quiter and nicer. It looks like a nice band of rain is trying to make its way into northern parts of Alabama and may hold together long enough to give some of are southern sections of Mid. TN a quick, but needed, rainshower. I'll have more on are forecast for tonight as well as are rain chances for tomorrow.

Slight Chance of a Spring Shower Today

After a nice sunrise here on the Rim, we see the clouds building from the west and with those clouds comes are next chance of an isolated shower. I'm putting the odds of seeing a rainshower at only about 20% for the Rim area, but the western parts of Mid. TN have about a 30% chance. Today's temperatures will range from the mid to upper 70's on the Plateau, too the lower 80's in southern Mid. TN. Friday brings a better chance of showers/t'showers. Here's the temps. for some TN region areas and also the chance of seeing rain:

Nashville: upper 70's; 20% chance
Clarksville: upper 70's; 30% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's; 20% chance
Columbia: lower 80's; 20% chance
Manchester: lower 80's; 20% chance

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nice Night for Space Station Sighting!

Tonight, the International Space Station is flying over the Mid. state. You will be able to see it from the southern sections of the sky from 9:21 p.m.-9:38 p.m. The overnight weather is going to be nice and pleasant. Temperatures should range from the upper 40's on the Plateau to the lower to mid. 50's in the Nashville Basin region. Tomorrow there's a slight chance of a shower for all of the Highland Rim, but western portions of the Rim have the best chance of seeing this action. Overnight lows for these areas of Middle TN:

Nashville: mid 50's
Clarksville: lower 50's
Cookeville: upper 40's
Columbia: mid 50's
Manchester: lower 50's

Sunny and a Perfect Outside Weather Day

After a chilly start to the morning hours here on the Rim, we look to top out today in the low 70's with some places on the Plateau maybe not getting out of the 60's. We issue our next rain chance Thursday and Friday, but those chances are very small. Here's a look at some of the TN region High's for today:

Nashville: Mid-70's
Clarksville: Mid-70's
Cookeville: Low-70's, upper 60's
Columbia: Mid to upper 70's
Manchester: upper 70's

Future Blog Plans

If you guys have looked at Clay's blog. Then you would have seen where he was going to be doing my 5 day forecast map. Well, not so much now. See I can't add stuff like that because my dad had something put on the computer to where only he or my uncle could put it on there, so what I've decided to do instead is just give you guys the forecast each day. I hope to have most of the pictures and everything else I want on here done by the end of June. That's my goal I'm shotting for.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog Colors

I'm taking one of my friends, Mike, ideas of changing the colors of my blog around each month. I don't think he'll mind.....since I did give him credit for the idea. Here's his website from the other side of the highland rim in Cookeville, TN. It's a great blog and I hope everyone checks it out.


I would just like to welcome everyone to my blog which is located in Westmoreland and Lafayette TN. I live about 60 miles NE of Nashville, TN and located right on the KY/TN state line. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and I hope you visit it every chance you get. I also will appreciate any comments you have.