Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday's Turn At A Stormy Day; Cool Chase Video I'm Going To Show Tomorrow too

As you can see from the SPC's outlook above, most of TN is in a slight risk of severe weather, but what's different about tomorrow's outlook is that we have more of a tornado threat then we did today.

I'm going to post a chase video on when Reed Timmer and his team went out in Osborne, KS. It was pretty intense.

This evening we had a couple of Severe T'storm Warnings here on the Rim and Plateau as well as in southern Mid. TN. There was also 2 wind damage reports from TN.
  • Putnam County (Baxter)- There were reports of at least 2 trees down in the city of Baxter

  • Lincoln County (Petersburg)- Tree fell onto a power line

We could see more reports like these tomorrow and I'll list them on here as they come along, but everyone should have your NOAA weather radios ready for action. My computer is messing up so I can't post the regional lows for tonight, but all areas should stay into the 60's and ever location has at least a 30% chance at a passing storm tonight.

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