Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Evening Forecast; Plains Severe Weather Event Update

I'm going to first give you are TN forecast for tonight. Temps. look to stay in the mid to upper 60's for Nashville and surrounding areas and stay in the low 60's for our area here on the Rim and Plateau. Saturday looks like are next chance at seeing some convective summertime storms. The SPC has all of Mid. TN in a slight risk area for Saturday, so it's something to watch. Here's some fo the regional temps. for tonight.

Nashville: mid 60's
Clarksville: mid 60's
Cookeville: low 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: low to mid 60's

Severe Update:
  • The SPC has taken out the High risk area and is being content with a MDT risk area. Which is great news.

  • There are currently 5 Tornado watches out and 1 Severe T'storm Watch out.

  • There have been 20-25 tornado reports called in to the SPC tonight and more is expected. 2 in Wyoming, 8 in Kansas, 14 in Nebraska, 6 in South Dakota, and 1 in Iowa.

  • Tornado on the ground close to Concordia, KS and moving very close to Concordia at 9:35 this evening.

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