Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Sunday; Better Memorial Day?

Before I get to my actually post I want to give you blog reader some advice. If you go to church Sunday morning, don't be out at the local drive-in watching "Indiana Jones" and "Iron Man" and not get home til 1 in the morning, cause that's exactly what I did and I feel awful. LOL! looks to bring deja-vu conditions to Mid. TN. The regional Temps. look to vary from the the upper 80's in Nashville, to the low 80's on the Plateau. For Memorial Day, we issue the chance of seeing some summertime pop-up storms in the afternoon of the daytime heating that can cause lightning. Remember, if a storms pop's up where your having your memorial service or party....go inside of a shelter and wait out the storm. Cause ONE lightning strike can kill a human. Here's some of the regional temperatures for today. If you have any weather questions that you would like to know the answer too, e-mail me the question at

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's
Cookeville: low 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: upper 80's

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