Saturday, May 24, 2008

Questions & Answers; Question 1

Here's a question that I received while over at (sports forum). The question was, "Why Does it Seem to Always Rain on the Weekends?" To answer this question I got some help from News 2 meteorologist Justin Bruce. There are two different sides that could answer this question. The first side deals with the weather (meteorological) setups. Like Justin reminded me about, there's what meteorologist call Synoptic systems (which are large scale weather systems that are steered along by the jet stream) and when we get these systems, they come along every 6-7 days. Which would make it seem like it would rain on Saturday and Sunday. But these do occur during other parts of the week as well. The second side that you have is the human nature side. We as humans love are weekends, and when they get ruined by rain, we get very upset. So we tend to remember when it rains on the weekends, rather then during the week when you are at work or, in my case, school. Again, I would like to thank Justin Bruce for helping me with the answer. I hope you guys keep bringing me the questions.

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