Monday, June 30, 2008

TN History Part 2: Hurricane Ivan's Rainfall Totals

This first map for TN history part 2, is the unusual track of Hurricane Ivan. You can see that the track of the hurricane, made its way up the Appalachian coast while still holding a tropical depression status before exiting into the Atlantic and then affecting Florida and then Texas.

This map is of the rainfall totals that us here in Mid. TN saw from Ivan. Since the map is rather small, I'll post these areas and what rainfall total they got.

Western Mid. TN: 1/2" to 1"

Mid. TN and Nashville Basin: 1" to 4"

Highland Rim: 3" to 5"

Cumberland Plateau: 4" to 5"+!

My home county, Macon County, had some totals in the 4" range! We could really use that rain now.

* First photo is from the NOAA site, and the second is from the NWS in Nashville

Nice Way To End June; Huntsville Air Show Update

As we close out a rather hot and dry June, today won't feel all that hot, but it will be mainly dry (could have an isolated shower pass in South Central KY and Northern Mid. TN). As we head into July, the temperatures are going to be below average for this time of the year and you can thank the strong cold front that came through the area Saturday for that.

I've learned of more details of the air show tragedy. The number of injuries has gone up to 12. The child who passed away was a small, 5-year old boy, but his name is being held due to his families wishes til this afternoon. Please remember this family in your prayers. The highest wind gust that was recorded was 48 mph (which is 10 mph below severe limits). The storm is being called a microburst: which are also called downburst, and they cause outflows of wind gust to reach the earth's surface and do so without very much warning.

Here's today's forecasted high's (which will seems like lows for some people!)

Nashville: upper 70's to low 80's
Clarksville: upper 70's to low 80's
Cookeville: low 70's!!!! (How about those numbers Mike?)
Columbia: upper 70's to low 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Breaking News Out of Huntsville

I know that today is suppose to be Matt's day to do all the posting, but I've heard reports that today at around 2 p.m., there was a strong thunderstorm that occurred and did damage at the Huntsville Air Show where a dozen tents (with people in them all) were uprooted out of the ground and there has been a confirmed total of 9 injured and one fatality. The fatality, from what I've heard, was that a generator fell onto a child killing him/her. Please take a time out of your schedule to pray for this family. I'll or Matt will have more information on this current situation as soon as I hear more.

Here's a link to a video of damage from this storm. Posted on the Huntsville Times by Kim Albright.

Busted Severe Weather Day

Well last night wasn't at all the way we thought it would be. At the AP7 Station in Sumner County, we only received 0.05 in. of rainfall last night. So, not a bad weather day for Middle Tennessee last night. Although it wasn't bad in Tennessee areas to our North and West got pounded with High Winds and Large Hail. Thankfully there was not a single report of a tornado from last night.

Today expect it to stay cloudy through the early afternoon as the front pushes through the Mid-State. From the latest G.O.E.S. 8 Satellite view. The brunt of the cloud cover should push through our area by 2:00 pm.

Current Conditions:
Nashville, Cloudy, 76 degrees

Gallatin, Cloudy, 79 degrees

Paris, Mostly Sunny, 78 degrees

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Evening Break; Tomorrow Morning's Storms

From now to about 3 tomorrow morning, most areas should remain mostly rain free, but after 3 a.m., things may get tricky. All of the rain stayed to the east of the I-65 corridor and now has formed a nice squall line over in eastern TN which has caused the NWS out of Morristown, too issue warnings from this line. There was one storm report and it came out of Rutherford County in the city of Murfreesboro. The report says that power poles were snapped, trees topped, and an out building destroyed. I'll be up for most of the night tonight following the incoming weather, and Matt may also be. Here's the forecasted high's and rain chances for these areas of Mid. TN tonight.

Nashville: upper 60's to low 70's; 70% chance after 3 a.m.
Clarksville: low 60's; 70% chance after 2 a.m.
Cookeville: mid to upper 60's; 70% chance after 5 a.m.
Columbia: upper 60's to low 70's; 70% chance after 3 a.m.
Manchester: upper 60's; 70% chance after 6 a.m.

Severe Saturday Update

The latest outlook has this for Mid. TN.

  • Tornado: 2% risk for Northern Mid. TN

  • Hail: 15% for all of Mid. TN

  • Wind: 15% for all of Mid. TN (30% line right on the TN/KY border)

Here's the latest Outlook write-up for us.



There have already been storms to pop-up here at the Highland Rim station and areas my way, but none have reached severe limits yet, but they could at any moment. I'll have more updates later on.

Severe T'storm Watch For South Central KY

Here's the watch discussion from the SPC:


What's going to happen (the SPC Meteorologist's think) is that a line of storms will begin to form and move eastward in the watch area and cause damaging wind gust in the 80 mph range. I wouldn't be surprised if us here in TN got into a watch later on during the day today. I'll have more updates as they come along.

Today's Outlook; Beneficial Rain Coming!

The latest outlook has, again, been trimmed back to not even include areas just east of the Highland Rim and areas in southeastern Mid. TN. But, the SPC just puts this out for the Saturday DAY storm event, because from what the models are saying, the best chance for storms in southeastern and eastern TN, will be later on during the day. The SPC updates this numerous times today, so you guys around Chattanooga and Knoxville may get back into a slight risk for the overnight event.
This map is the 5-Day QPF Precipitation forecast map, and this model is forecasting that areas in northern Mid. TN, could possibly get around 1.7" of rain, while southeastern sections could get over an 1".

Normally, it would be just me doing the Saturday blogging, but since we have this severe weather potential, Matt may blog on here also...or he might be out chasing! I'll have more updates later on.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nice Evening......So Far

It has been a great evening to attend a barbeque or swim party. Not to many storms today. There were some stronger storms on the Plateau this morning. We'll continue to watch the developing Severe Wx. situation for tomorrow. It appears that we'll be in for some storms tonight. Most likely in the late overnight hours into tomorrow morning.

Current Conditions in Tennessee:

Nashville, Partly Cloudy, 87 degrees

Crossville, Clear, 82 Degrees

Chattanooga, Mostly Clear, 86 Degrees

Here is the current forecast.

Tonight. Partly Cloudy becoming Mostly Cloudy overnight. High 87 degrees Showers possible. Chance of Rain 50%
Tomorrow. Severe Thunderstorms Possible. High 89 Degrees. Chance of Rain 70%

Severe Wx update for Saturday

The Storm Prediction Center has really trimmed back on their Convective Outlook for tomorrow. The Middle Tennessee area is still under their 30% probability line. This means their is a 30% chance of a severe weather event occuring with in 25 miles of any given point within the graph.
It appears the severity of the event during the day really depends upon how much sunlight we get tomorrow.
Certainly a good idea to have your NOAA Weather Radio on tomorrow.!

Big Storm Chances Today; Tomorrow's Severe Update

I posted the updated Convective Outlook, as well as the updated Probability chart and there have been some changes to it. The outlook still has all of TN in it, but in the Probability chart, they've trimmed the 30% area back to not include areas in Eastern TN (Knoxville and Chattanooga), but it still includes all of the Nashville area, Cookeville, and areas westward of there. Matt and I will be looking at any new developments in the outlook and chart, and we will bring you the newest updates as soon as we hear of any. Here's the new written outlook posted by the SPC for us.


Today, things look on the upside for a bigger, more widespread storm chance later this afternoon. The chances I'm putting us at for storms is roughly 40% as we are getting alot more moisture pumped in here just in time for the severe weather tomorrow. Here's the forecasted high's for today, as well as the much improved storm chances.

Nashville: upper 80's; 40% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's; 40% chance
Cookeville: low to mid 80's; 40% chance
Columbia: upper 80's; 40% chance
Manchester: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Same Scenario This Afternoon, Severe Wx on Saturday

Well today was another repeat performance of yesterday, and the day before that. Pop-Up thunderstorms that form when the heat and humidity are at their worst. The time of day when you dread the thought of going outside!

Right now, Tennessee is clear of any precipitation. But their are two areas in Norther and Central Kentucky that are dropping some good rains!

Currently: Gallatin, 79 degrees, Partly Cloudy

Now the severe weather threat for saturday is still way too far out to tell what's going to happen. But if it stays on the forecasted strenghth and timing, we will see some action. Everything will be possible saturday, including: Tornadoes, Hail and Damaging Winds.

Midday Storm/T'shower Update

The NWS in Nashville put out a Special Weather Statement for all of Mid. TN about the showers and storms that have began to fire over on the Cumberland Plateau and the Highland Rim. Areas in western Mid. TN may get storms to start firing, so don't give up hope. I'll have more updates as they become necessary.

Blog Poll Results # 4

I'll get to the picture above in a moment, but here's the results of the latest blog poll I had up and the questions was...

"What's the Biggest Hailstone You've Ever Seen Before?"

Nickel Size - : 1 vote

Quarter Size: 2 votes

Golf Ball Size: 3 votes

Tennis Ball Size: 1 vote

Baseball Size + : 1 vote

The largest I've ever seen would be quarter size. The largest hailstone that I've heard of that fell in Tennessee was of baseball size. The picture above is the largest hailstone to hit earth and it fell in Coffeyville, Kansas, in the year 1970. The hailstone weighed in at 1.67 pounds and was over 5.5 inches in diameter! The photo was found at Jeff Haby's Weather Prediction site, and he found it from the NWS in Hastings, NE's site.

There's a new blog entry to replace this one now! Thanks to all for voting!

Isolated Storm Chances Today; Severe Saturday?

The map above is the Convective Outlook that I post on here very often when we have severe weather that may be possible. And the second map is the Probability Chart for severe weather potential in any given area. Well the SPC now has all of TN in a slight risk and most of TN in a 30% chance area of seeing severe weather. I'm going to be home all day and will be looking at the models and GFS precip. maps to see what those are saying. But it's still 3 days away so alot could change by then.

For today, however, we have a isolated chance of seeing a pop-up shower/t'storm later on during the heat of the day, but everyone won't see rain. I'm putting the chances at 20-30% for everyone with the western areas of Mid. TN getting the best chance. Here's today's forecasted high's and rain chances.

Nashville: low 90's; 20% chance
Clarksville: low 90's; 30% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's; 20% chance
Columbia: upper 80's to low 90's; 20% chance
Manchester: upper 80's; 20% chance

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pop-Up Showers, Storms Prevelant Again today

There were a few isolated showers and storms across the Mid-State this afternoon. There was a nice , brief shower in Sumner County at about 5:15 p.m.

Current Conditions:
Gallatin, 73 degrees, mostly cloudy
Nashville, 74 degrees, partly cloudy
Murfreesboro, 77 degrees, partly cloudy

We'll continue to moniter Saturday's severe threat.

Have a good night.

Clear, 90º Day Today; Fast Forward to Saturday's Outlook

This map is the SPC's Probability for severe storms chart and as you can see, they have areas from Nashville eastward in the Day 4 outlook (Saturday) I'll continue to watch what happens with this map and also with the models, but here's the written outlook for Saturday too.


But for today, we look to stay mostly dry, BUT there could be one or two pop-up showers/t'showers today for northern areas of TN and southern sections of KY, but those chances are 10% at best. The bigger rain chances increase starting Friday and going into Saturday. Here's today's forecasted high's for these towns and areas.

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: low 90's; SLIM (5%) chance of a shower
Cookeville: mid 80's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: upper 80's to low 90's

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nighttime Update

Right now it is clear across the Mid-State. I think it will remain this way, but an isolated shower cannot be ruled out of the question, especially in the southern counties. If this was to happen it would be within the next hour or two.

Tonight's Forecast:
Partly Cloudy, Low 65

Partly Sunny, High 90

Tomorrow Night:
Mostly Clear, Low 67

Slight Chance of Storms, High 88 Chance of Rain 20%

Early Evening Conditions

Hi everybody, i'm Matt Brawner (the new kid on the block). This is my first post for the Highland Rim blog and I am truly honored to help my good friend Charles. Everything on the Blog titled AP7 has to do with me. I'm the coordinator for the AP7 Spotter Group. Check out my link for more information.

Current Conditions around Tennessee:

Nashville: Partly Sunny, 87 degrees
Clarksville: Partly Sunny, 86 degrees
Smyrna: Mostly Sunny, 89 degrees

On Radar it appears that some pop-up "Garden Variety" Thunderstorms are forming in Western Middle Tennessee. Areas that could see some of this activity include: Dresden, Paris, and Camden. Also further south Lexington, Decaturville, and Linden could get some rain here in a short time. The northern cell has a potential of producing SMALL hail. Nothing severe.

Hope this wasn't too long! I look forward to working for you guys and getting to know all of you!
73's to all!

It's Official!

YES! Matt Brawner will be making his first ever Highland Rim blog post tonight. I'm posting the blog schedule up and here it is.

* Weekends: Saturday-My post, Sunday-Matt's post

* Weekday: Morning/Early Afternoon ( 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.)- My post, Afternoon/Overnight (5 p.m. to overnight) Matt's post

* Severe Weather Coverage: Overnight event- Both Matt and I will be posting when necessary
If it's a morning event-my post, Afternoon-Matt

* Winter and Tropical Weather Coverage: Same as Severe Weather

I hope you guys enjoy Matt's post and any comments on how you guys think this will work out, is greatly encouraged! Thanks for reading! His first post should be out around 7 p.m.!

Mid. TN 2008 Tornadoes So Far

*Here's the breakdown of tornadoes so far in 2008:
Total=31 Tornadoes
We usually get about 12 tornadoes each year in Middle TN.

I ran across this just now at the NOAA site for the Nashville office and this is what was posted in one of the topics at the top of the page. To have 17 in Feb. is VERY rare and to have 31 is unthinkable here.

Air Quality Alert Day; Dry Conditions for a couple of days...or longer

There is a Air Quality Alert out for most areas of Mid. TN today and people with asthma, lung problems, or are very active outside, should not stay out for a prolonged amount time this evening. Other then that, today is going to be nice with the high's reaching close to 90º but won't quite make it. The next rain chance, by looking at the models, doesn't occur til Thursday and that chance is slim at best. Here's today's forecasted high's.

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's
Cookeville: mid 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: upper 80's

Monday, June 23, 2008

Early Post Entry: Urgent News for My Blog

I wasn't going to do a blog post til tomorrow, but after hearing of this news, I couldn't wait to tell ya'll. Matt Brawner is going to be starting his blog postership very, very soon...maybe as early as tomorrow night. I'll have more info on this, as well as the blog schedule on when you can expect his post and mine, on one of tomorrow's blog post. In the weather department, it looks like southern and eastern sections of Mid. TN, got walloped by severe storms today and Saturday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mainly Clear Friday; Stormy Saturday; 3-Day Forecast

Good morning my blog readers! After looking at the latest models, it looks like that most of the rain will hold off from Mid. TN, til the Saturday morning hours and will persist throughout most of the day. I'm putting the chances for tomorrow at 50% for northern areas of Mid. TN, and 60% for southern sections. For today, however, things will look mostly clear (can't rule out a passing shower in northern Mid. TN) and the high's will stay in the mid 80's in Nashville and the low 80's elsewhere. Here's today's forecasted high's as well as the 3-Day forecast I've been promising.

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's; 10% chance
Cookeville: low 80's; 10% chance
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: low to mid 80's

* Highland Rim TN WX Forecast*

  • Saturday: Stormy Conditions/Clearing Late; Highs: low 80's Nashville, upper 70's Rim and Plateau

  • Sunday: High Pressure builds in; Highs: mid 80's Nashville, low 80's Rim and Plateau

  • Monday: Sunny; Highs: upper 80's Nashville, mid 80's Rim and Plateau

NOTE: Don't forget to vote in the Blog Poll on the upper right side of the blog. Thanks for viewing and voting!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Star Gazing Night Tonight, Not So Tomorrow Night!

I've learned that I will be able to make a morning forecast as well as a 3-day forecast too. But for tonight, there's a brillant star viewing night (but you will need a light jacket) ahead for us, but I can't say the same for tommorrow night though. The temps. will again be in the 50's tonight as the atmopshere will be setting up for tomorrow's rain chances too. Here's the forecasted high's for tonight.

Nashville: upper 50's
Clarksville: upper 50's, low 60's
Cookeville: low to mid 50's
Columbia: upper 50's
Manchester: mid to upper 50's

Nice Day in Mid. TN Today; Rain Chances Tomorrow & Saturday?

After looking at the QPF Precipitation Map, I posted what the latest 5-day totals look like and it looks like north areas of Mid. TN are going to be the big winners, but all of Mid. TN looks to have a chance. From this map it looks like northern areas could get over 1" and southern areas will get .5" + which is still good. But for today, the rain looks to hold off til tomorrow evening into Saturday, severe weather isn't expect at this time but you could hear a rumble of thunder or two when these rains come through late Friday into early and mid morning Saturday. The high's today will stay in the mid 80's in Nashville and on the Cumberland Plateau they will stay concentrated in the upper 70's range. I'm going to be out of town from tomorrow through Monday afternoon, and then I'll be back for one day, then it's off to Dollywood! So I'll put up an evening forecast tonight and also add my extended 4-day forecast. Thanks for stopping by my blog and any comments would be appreciated greatly! Here's the forecasted high's for today/

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: low to mid 80's
Cookeville: upper 70's, low 80's
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: mid 80's

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Official AP7 Blog

Hey guys, I would like to announce that my friend, Matt Brawner, has started a blog for the spotter group he started not to long ago that I am part of. The official site address is It's a great website that just got started not too long ago. He and the rest of the AP7 spotter team, would appreicate it if you would give it a look at time and time again!

Air Quality Alert in Effect, But Still a Pleasant Day Instore!

Today the The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has put out a Air Quality Alert for areas of Nashville northward and eastward which states that people with weak immune systems, have asthma, or even active children and adults, should not stay outdoors for a prolonged time today due to the pollutants in the air. Other then that the day is going to be great just like yesterday and we'll keep it as long as get can, but with summer starting in about 3 days...don't get use to it. The high's today will look vastly similar to yesterday's high's. Here's today's forecasted high's for today.

Nashville: low 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: mid 70's
Columbia: low to mid 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Blog Poll Results #3

What's the Largest Wind Gust You Have Ever Recorded, Seen, or Felt?

35-40 mph: 0 votes

41-50 mph: 0 votes

51-60 mph: 1 vote

61 mph+: 6 votes

Thanks for voting and the largest wind gust I've ever record was in bewtween the 51-60 mph range. There's a new blog question to replace this one now in effect.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can You Say 50's!!!

That's right Mid. Tennesseans, you heard that I said the lows tonight will dip into the upper 50's in downtown Nashville, and the mid 50's elsewhere. This is going to be admormally chilly for this time of year and the warm weather we've expereiecned as of late. Here's the overnight lows that I'm forecasting for this certain areas tonight.

Nashville: upper 50's city, mid 50's elsewhere in Davidson County
Clarksville: mid 50's
Cookeville: low 50's
Columbia: mid 50's
Manchester: mid 50's

Terrific Tuesday in the Weather Department

As the storms from last evening and overnight are long gone, the rest of the week looks to bring, finally, some relief from the blistering 90º + days. We'll be under a mostly sunny sky with temps. not going above 84F today anywhere! Friday night is when are next rain chance comes into play, so I'll continue to watch that as it comes closer and closer. Here's the forecasted high's for today.

Nashville: low to mid 80's
Clarksville: low 80's
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's!
Columbia: low to mid 80's
Manchester: low 80's

Monday, June 16, 2008

TN Storm Reports; Cooler Nighttime Temps.

The storms today produced me here in Westmoreland around a half an inch of rain with the 4 to 5 different cells I had during the day. Here's the various storm reports today that I currently know of in Mid. TN.

  • Portland, TN: 1/2" hail and trees down

  • Lafayette, TN: trees down west of town

  • Nashville, TN: trees down close to the Nashville Zoo

For tonight, the temps look to get down into the low 60's for most people in Mid. TN and the Highland Rim, but areas on the Plateau may dip down into the upper 50's tonight. This whole week is going to be a nice relief from the 90º days that we had last week and we also will have rain chances Friday and Saturday.

Storms Popping Here at Highland Rim TN WX Station!

We are currently clear, but we just had two separate cells come over here and bring with it very beneficial rain, wind gust to around 20 mph give or take a mph, and thunder and lightning (currently thundering too). We could see more of these storms fire across all of Mid. TN, but areas north of I-40 look to have the best chance at seeing small hail and gusty winds with the storms that do fire.

UPDATE: We just had a third cell pass us by about 5-10 minutes ago. More storms could pop-up and may even reach severe limits with damaging winds, and small hail. I'll continue to watch the skies above here, and also the radar for my fellow Mid. Tennesseans.

5:26 UPDATE: The cell that was Severe T'storm Warned here has now weakened, but with me being located on the western side of Macon County, I got the brunt of it and got it on video! I videoed the storm as it was just starting to get revved up, til after the warning expired. I feel like a kid in a candy store after that storm...I'm hyped up. We're getting the 5th storm to pass the area right now! Amazing!

Severe Update: Clouds Building Here; Showers Beginning to Fire in South Central KY

Here's the latest visible satellite image showing the cloud cover building here in Northern Mid. TN. You see those thick clouds down over in the NE Georgia mountains, those clouds are producing storms that have been Severe T'storm Warned for some time now and they are also being monitored for a Severe T'storm Watch later on. The activity should increase as the day goes on and we could see a couple of warnings fire here and there from the individual stronger cells that do form, and the main threat would be violent winds. I'm monitoring the showers around Bowling Green, KY at this time to see if those cells will strengthen or not. If we get into a MSD (Mesoscale Discussion) later on for the firing storms, I'll post up the MSD and the statement from the SPC, but that's if we even get into one.

Severe Update: Slight Risk issued for Northern and Eastern TN

The first image is from the SPC and it has the latest Convective Outlook which now includes areas in northern and eastern TN and the main risk with these storms will be damaging winds.

The second image is from the NWS in Nashville, which says that areas north of I-40 have a slight risk at severe storms, while the rest of the Mid. state will just have strong storms that still could produce wind gust in the 40 mph range.

* There's a Severe T'storm Watch just to the northeast of Nashville in South Central KY til 5 p.m. today.

I'll have more updates as needed. Please check back in for the latest reports and information here at my blog. Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear any comments you may have!

Unsettled Mid. TN Monday; Plains' Storm Reports From Yesterday

In the first picture I put up form the SPC website, is the Convective Outlook for severe weather today. As you can see, the slight risk area almost includes areas in Northern Mid. TN/ Highland Rim/ and the Cumberland Plateau. With DP's this morning in the 60's here in Lafayette at 5:53...we could see a severe storm or two break out here in Northern areas of the regions I just mentioned with damaging winds being the main threat, but there is also a small tornadic risk too at only 2%. Everyone in Mid. TN has a chance at seeing a glancing shower or t'shower, but the chances are best in the Northern areas. The temps. today look to get to the 90 degree mark again...HOWEVER...the temps. will not stay at the 90 degree mark long as the heat looks to disappear from the picture this work week and we should only see temperatures in the LOW 80's in some places while most people will stay in the mid 80's. Here's the anticipated high's for today, as well as the storm/rain chances.

Nashville: low 90's in the city, upper 80's elsewhere; 30% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's; 30% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Columbia: low 90's; 30% chance
Manchester: low 90's; 30% chance

* The second picture I posted on my blog, was the storm report map from yesterday in the Plains and Midwest. I was looking at the wind reports and most of the reports had descriptions of large tree limbs down, power lines down and power out due to high winds, but some of the reports mentioned wind gust from anywhere between 60-70 mph, all the way up to one report which states that wind gust where in between 80-90 mph! There is a Moderate risk of severe weather today up in the Mid-Atlantic states, but as I mentioned in the paragraph above, we aren't out of the question to see one two or even three severe weather reports out of today setup.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plains Severe Wind Day; Matt and Me's Communication Error

This is the first time I've ever seen a PDS watch be put out under a Severe T'storm Watch area before, but I have heard this isn't the first time. Normally PDS watches are associated with Tornado Watches. The SPC is saying that a MCS system is going through the watched area (you can see the radar with the watch outline above) and can cause winds in excess of 90 mph +! That strength of winds could cause a house to lose alot of its shingles and be capable of bringing down large, strong trees. I'll have more updates from this event and also add the storm report maop later on. But as for us, we are looking currently at sunny skies and temps. in the 80's. We stand a chance at seeing some showers and storms tomorrow from a weak cold front, but those chances are at 30% at best right now.

As you can see, Matt didn't put up an evening post last night. It wasn't his fault, it was mine for communication error. I thought he had his information he needed to have done, but we got confused and when I know for sure he is going to be able to do his first post...I'll tell ya'll. I hopefully won't cry wolf a second time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Warm, Not Hot Weekend; Matt's First Blog Post Tonight!

Good Saturday morning to all. After last night's lightning and rain show, we look to see some more showers and storms refire, but do not anticipate any of these storms to reach severe limits. The only storm report out of TN was the Sparta report that I mentioned in my previous post, but around Clarksville, Waverly, Paris...they may have gotten some tree limbs down and maybe a leaning power line or two, but nothing major. The high's today look to stay in the 80's for most spots and the rain chances are bigger as you move towards Bonnaroo and areas around them in southeastern TN. Here's the forecasted high's for today, in addition to the rain chances today.

Nashville: mid 80's; 40% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 30% chance
Cookeville: LOW 80's; 50% chance
Columbia: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Manchester: mid 80's; 60% chance

Also, I would like to tell everyone that tonight is suppose to be Matt Brawner's first night as a Highland Rim Wx Blog poster! We are currently thinking of a blog schedule where he will post at certain times and I will post at certain times, to not get confused and post a post close to each other. Once we get this schedule up and agreed on, I will post the schedule on here so you guys know what to expect from us. Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment on how and if you like this idea...I personally love the idea of having two blog posters.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Strong T'storms Expected Overnight; Sparta Storm Report

Today the rains weren't as widespread and the soakers I was hoping for, but some areas in west TN would disagree. There is currently a Severe T'storm Watch out for areas in Western TN and Western KY that includes the cities of Hopkinsville, KY and Paris, TN. We had two Severe T'storm Warnings issued today in the Mid. TN and the first was in Lincoln County, TN (Fayetteville) and the other warning included two TN counties Stewart and Montgomery Counties (Dover and Clarksville). The additional storms look to come in overnight and diminish in power and force, but a couple of storms (expecally in Western Mid. TN) could reach severe limits with frequent lightning and damaging winds being the main threats.

There was one report of wind damage today and it occurred at around 3 this afternoon in White County in the county seat of Sparta. The report said that straight-line winds caused a portion of a factory to collapse. No one was injured and there was not a warning on the cell at the time either, but with these summertime cells, these "microburst", which is when a powerful cell dissipates in strength rapidly, can cause wind gust in the 50-60 mph range with no warning.

Here's the forecasted lows for tonight plus the rain chances too.

Nashville: low 70's; 60% chance
Clarksville: upper 60's; 70% chance
Cookeville: mid 60's; 60% chance
Columbia: upper 60's; 60% chance
Manchester (Bonnaroo people): upper 60's; 50% chance

NWS (BNA) Nashville's Take on the Storms Today

The stormy conditions this evening look to effect everyone today, but areas from Nashville westward look to have the best chance at seeing the severe storms. You can expect the weather to turn wetter anywhere after the lunchtime hour and last through the late evening hours, before the stronger storms die off and the actually cold front enters the Mid. TN region. I'll have updates later on as we all look to get some form of rain later on today and maybe I'll get to enter my first ever CoCoRaHS numbers today!

Unstable Atmosphere= Strong T'storms Possible Today

The NWS graphical outlook shows that numerous strong to severe t'storms could form later on during the day. There's a strong cold front coming in from the northwest, as you can see from the map above, and this line is suppose to increase in intensity as the day goes on and we are suppoose to see storms fire in front of the line and these storms could contain abundant lightning, large hail, and strong damaging winds. I'm putting the rain chances at 60% for everyone as almost everyone will see rain. YEAH!!! Here's the forecasted high's for today.

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: low to mid 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: mid to upper 80's

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Room Temperature Conditions Tonight; Stormy Weather Tomorrow

After the surprise rains for areas of Western Mid. TN this afternoon, tomorrow the chances look to be on the increase for everyone from The Land Between the Lakes, all the way east to the Cumberland Plateau. Tonight the temps. will stay in the room temperature category, but due to the humid won't have that roomy feel to it. There's a slim chance of a passing shower tonight, but unlikely for anyone, anywhere. Here's the forecasted low's for tonight and the small rain chances.

Nashville: low 70's; 20% chance
Clarksville: low 70's; 20% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 60's; 10% chance
Columbia: low 70's; 20% chance
Manchester: upper 60's to low 70's; 10% chance

Yesterday's Plains Outbreak; Stormier Weather For the Eastern Mid. TN regions...Maybe Nashville

As you can see from the SPC map above, there were 52 preliminary tornado reports and many other hail and wind reports yesterday evening. CNN reported last night that a boy's scout camp in Iowa took a direct hit from a tornado and caused 4 deaths and 40 injuries. I ask that you please pray for the families who were effected by this horrible tragedy. Also in the wake of last evenings tornado outbreak, Manhattan, KS; also took a direct hit from a tornado, there was damage all across the western portions of the town and Kansas State suffered "moderate to major" damage. The reports that I heard from last night say that the damage looks like it could be in the EF-2 range, but the confirmation teams will go out there either today or tomorrow to confirm or edit that report.

As for us here in Mid. TN, we should expect nothing in the form of tornadoes, but damaging winds, small hail, and frequent lightning are going to be the threats with any larger cells that may form this afternoon, expecally over on the Cumberland Plateau and the higer elevations of the Highland Rim. The high's today will get back into the 90's again, except on the Plateau which will stay in the mid to upper 80's due to the cloud cover and higher rain/storm chances. Here's my forecasted high's for today and the storm chances this afternoon too.

Nashville: low 90's; 10% chance
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's; 30% chance
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: upper 80's to low 90's; 20% chance

Also for a side note: Today is my 16th birthday!!! I'm not taking the day off...I need the invisible money! LOL!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Night Ahead; More Eastern TN Rain Chances Tomorrow

There's a couple of showers effecting the eastern areas of Mid. TN right now (Jamestown, Spencer, etc.) and tomorrow, look for these same areas to see some rain and storms. The possibility may shift a little more westward to maybe include areas around Celina, Smithville, Gainesboro and other areas on the Highland Rim and the Plateau. The lows tonight will range from the upper 60's to low 70's in Nashville, too the mid 60's on the Plateau. Here's the overnight lows for Mid. TN, Highland Rim, and the Cumberland Plateau.

Nashville: upper 60's to low 70's
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: mid 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: low 70's

A Look Back In TN History #1/ April 7th 2006 Tornado Outbreak

As you can see from the SPC map of the April 7th, 2006 Tornado Outbreak across TN, MS, and AL expectally. The most damage and deaths occurred here in TN where 9 died in Sumner County and 3 in Warren County. There was one more death in Marion County, AL. There was a total of 91 tornado reports, but only 74 where confirmed. With two EF-3's reported. One EF-3 hit Gallatin and the other one hit Charlotte in Cheathem County. You can find the Convective Outlook report at:
Here's some Tennessean stories on the Outbreak.
If you have any other TN weather history stories you'd like for me to do, just e-mail me at and I'll post it.

Isolated Storm Chances on the Plateau Today

Today the chances are even lower then yesterday when we got nothing, so I'm not even going to put up rain chances for anyone not on the Cumberland Plateau or the eastern Highland Rim. The high's today may hit the 90-91º mark in downtown Nashville, but everyone else should stay in the mid to upper 80's. Here's the high's for today.

Nashville: upper 80's, low 90's downtown.
Clarksville: upper 80's
Cookeville: mid 80's; 20% chance
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: upper 80's

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Busted Forecast; Isolated Storms Tomorrow

After today's busted forecast (not one drop of rain fell from the sky in Mid. TN because the clouds didn't clear out fast enough), but tomorrow I'm going to be more cautious with my rain predictions. Tonight the lows will dip into the 60's in Nashville for the first time in a while and get into the LOWER 60's for the Plateau. I'm glad I'm posting those numbers. Here's the forecasted lows for tonight.

Nashville: upper 60's downtown, mid 60's on the outskirts of Davidson County
Clarksville: mid 60's
Cookeville: low 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: upper 60's

NWS's (Nashville) Outlook For Severe Weather This Afternoon

Here's the Hazardous Outlook from the NWS in Nashville for Mid. TN today. Areas from Nashville eastward have a chance at a slight risk of severe storms this afternoon and areas west of Nashville will see non-severe storms/rains. The Eastern Highland Rim and the Cumberland Plateau, like I mentioned in my morning forecast, still have the best chance at seeing these pop-up storms. This action should begin to fire starting after the noon time hour.

Local Storm Reports Yesterday; Scattered Storm Chances Today With Cooler Temps./ Surprise Mentioned!!!!

Here's the storm reports that the SPC received yesterday from around the country and the southeast was roughed up a bit yesterday with hail and wind reports. This is probably what the report maps will look like for the southeast the next couple of days as we issue some scattered storm chances ( All from daytime heating), which some of the bigger storms will have damaging winds, large hail, and frequent lightning, through Friday and Saturday when a bigger and actually system comes in. Here's the forecasted high's for today, and the storm chances we shall, in most areas, all see.

Nashville: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Cookeville: LOW 80's!; 50% chance
Columbia: upper 80's; 40% chance
Manchester: upper 80's; 50% chance

The surprise I was mentioning was that I'm bringing in a new blog poster to the Highland Rim blog. His name is Matt Brawner and he is a teenage weather fanatic like me and he lives about 20 minutes from me, so he will be good at forecasting Mid. TN weather too. He should start soon, and we'll get a schedule setup and tell ya'll when to expect my forecast, and his.

Monday, June 9, 2008

RAIN/Storms Coming Tomorrow; Surprise to Tell Ya'll Tomorrow

As you can see from the NWS in Nashville's outlook for tomorrow, there's a slight chance of t'storms for areas east of Nashville, while areas from Nashville westward, have a chance good at seeing widely scattered showers and storms. Here's my outlook for tomorrow as well as tonight's lows.

  • Areas close to "The Land Between the Lakes" have a chance at seeing some storms tonight as the cold front approaches, but they shoudn't reach severe limits, but lightning, small hail, and gusty winds could be possible with any bigger storms.

  • Tomorrow around mid-morning and the lunchtime hour, the storms should strength back up and could reach strong to severe limits here in Mid. TN.

  • I'm about 110% sure that we will see way more Severe T'storm Warnings then we have this evening, and we could see more wind reports and small hail reports.

  • Everyone has a chance at seeing rain tomorrow and hopefully some areas will see some 2-3 different showers/storms come by.

The lows tonight will range from the mid 70's in downtown Nashville (low 70's on the outskirts of town) to the mid to upper 60's on the Plateau.The rain chances tonight are about 20% everywhere in Mid. TN and the Highland Rim, but over towards Clarksville, Hopkinsville (KY), and Paris, TN; ya'll have a 40-50% chance tonight as the cold front advances from the north and west.

Tomorrow I'm going to tell ya'll of something new that will be happening on my blog. Let's just say that it will make the blog look a little more professional...MAYBE!

Three Words; HOT, HOT, HOT!

WHEW! Going to the Memphis Zoo saturday was fun, but at the same time you got your energy drained really fast too. With the high's reaching the mid 90's there, I knew you guys here must have been boiling too. Today brings more of the same conditons, high's in the 90's and dry. Today would be a great day to get outside and swim. BUT...tomorrow the models are bringing in RAIN from the west and those chances look pretty good right now. Here's some of the forecasted high's for today.

Nashville: mid 90's
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: low 90's
Columbia: low to mid 90's
Manchester: mid to upper 90's

Friday, June 6, 2008

3-Day Forecast

I'm going to be out of town this weekend (Going to Memphis) but I'm giving you guys a 3 Day-Forecast. It will stay dry and hot. My dad is pressuring me to hurry up so that's all I can give. The temps will stay in the 90's and the Plateau could reach 90 to this weekend.

Poll Results #2

Here's the poll results.

"Do You Feel Like the Drought May Be Coming Back?"

Yes- 2 votes

No- 10 votes

Too Early To Tell- 1 vote

As you know we have hit a dry period, but hopefully we will get a rain pattern to enter back in which doesn't happen alot in the summer time, but this has been an abnormal year in the weather department. The new poll question is at the right. Thanks for voting.

Plains Bust?; Deja-Vu June Day Minus the Wind

It's not everyday that you can a preliminary 35 reported tornado day a bust, but from what the models where saying the numbers where and what it was going to bring, 50 tornado reports were likely. The storms keep colliding with each other and killing each other out and could never get going. But notice all the wind reports, 226! And I heard of one report say that the winds gusted to about 85-90 mph. That's just as rough as an EF-0 tornado. We, thankfully, don't have any injuries or deaths to report from yesterday's storms. Kansas and Iowa I believe where close to having the same total of tornadoes reported.

Now back here in the southeast, its still the same old, hot and dry conditions. I remember saying that the southeastern sections of TN and the Plateau have a chance at a passing shower, well those chances are so light that if you got a shower it wouldn't help much. I'll put the chances at a meager 10%. the high's today are going to be high on the thermometer. At least were not over in Raleigh, NC where they could get close to 100º today! Here's the high's for today and the isolated rain chances.

Nashville: low to mid 90's
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: upper 80's to low 90's; far eastern Putnam County (Monterrey), 10% chance
Columbia: mid 90's
Manchester: low to mid 90's; over near Chattanooga, 10% chance

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plains Outbreak Update; Mid. TN/Highland Rim Nighttime Forecast

Here's the current U.S. radar. As you can see there is an intense and violent squall line marching its way east, but the cells in the line are moving NE. This is an impressive cold front coming in from the west and with this front, brings the storms. And as you can see for us here in the southeast (exception of Southern GA and the Panhandle of Florida) we are DRY. Here's what you can expect the Central U.S. to see tonight.

  • The squall line will continue to march eastward and might lose a little strength, but not alot.

  • There is either a Severe T'storm Warning or a Tornado Warning with the line that stretches from Iowa to Texas.

  • There are currently 3 watches out and all of them are Tornado Watches and 2 are PDS.

  • There is a MSD (Mesoscale Discussion) that the SPC has out for parts of Southern Iowa about there tornado and wind damage expected very soon.

  • There has been 28 tornado reports in 6 different states. (1 in Colorado, 11 in Kansas, 7 in Nebraska, 1 in South Dakota, 4 in Missouri, and 3 in Iowa.)

Now for us back here in Tennessee, we look to stay storm free, but also cold free. The lows tonight will not make it feel like nighttime as we only look to get down to about the low to mid 70's for Nashville ands the upper 60's on the Plateau. The wind won't help us tomorrow as it looks to die down to only about 5-10 mph with maybe some higher gust getting to 15. The models are suggesting at a pop up rainshower/t'shower late tomorrow on the Plateau, but I'm only going to put that chance on tomorrow's forecast at about slim to none. Nashville is going to stay in the low to mid 70's tonight and as for everyone else you will range anywhere from 72º down to 68º on the Plateau towards Crossville.

4:18 p.m. Plains Severe Weather Update

The wind factor is the real reason why the SPC issued the High Risk for places over the Central U.S., but the tornado threat is still a big possibility too. All you have too do is follow the outline of the 60% area and you have the High Risk area. The last time I've heard of there being any 60% forecast probability map was the April 6th 2006 tornado outbreak here in Mid. TN. There have been a total of 6 tornado reports submitted to the SPC so far today and many more could come. The CAP is finally beginning to weaken or break over the Plains and as they get later into the night the threat of tornadoes should decrease, but the wind threat won't for them. The timeframe for the most action is between now and maybe through 8 p.m. I'll have our evening forecast later as well as all the current storm reports from the Plains.

1:33 p.m. Plains Severe Weather Update

WHEW, trying to keep up with what's occurring out in the central U.S. and also trying to keep ya'll updated is hard stuff. As you can see above from the SPC, as of 1:33 there are currently no tornado reports called in to any law enforcement or the local NWS offices. But the action is just starting to heat up out there for them. There's one area of concern for me at this time. It's a line that is beginning to separate into two discrete supercells around the Greensburg and the Great Bend areas. Here's the setup there having to contend with.

  • Storms start out in a line, grow slowly and then separate into individual supercells which will then give birth to strong and violent tornadoes.

  • There are currently 4 watches out over 7 different states.

  • 2 PDS Tornado Watches and 2 Severe T'storm Watches

  • The High Risk area has been shrunk a little to not include the Minneapolis area and very little of SD.

Check back in a little while for another Plains Outbreak Update...We are now going back to regularly scheduled program at this time.

Tornado Outbreak Expected for the Midwest Today and into Tonight.

Here's some info on the SPC's High Risk of Severe storms for this region of our country.

  • The High risk area includes these states: Kansas, Nebraska, Western Missouri, and Southern areas of Minnesota and South Dakota.

  • There is currently 3 watches out with 2 Severe T'storm Watch and 1 PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) Tornado Watch.

  • The SPC is expected to add 2 Tornado Watches, which both may be PDS, and 1 more Tornado Watch or Severe T'storm Watch soon.

  • Currently there have been no confirmed tornado touchdowns, but funnel clouds have been reported in Colorado this morning from earlier storms.

  • The activity should increase in these areas over the next couple of hours. (1-3 hours)

I'll have more updates as they are needed.

Another June Day; Another Day of Hot and Dry Conditions

As we hit the 5th day in June, the weather pattern is going to stay the same with Hot and Dry conditions. Our next rain chance isn't until next Tuesday and those chances are slim at best. The high's today should range from the low 90's in Nashville to the upper 80's on the Plateau. Lets all hope that rain will come back soon, cause with the heat indexes rising into the 100º mark...Drink Water when outside (CMA Music Fest people). Here's some of the forecasted high's for today. HI means (Heat Index)

Nashville: low 90's; HI- over 100º due to the concrete and asphalt
Clarksville: low to mid 90's; HI- over 100º
Cookeville: upper 80's; HI- in the mid to upper 90's
Columbia: low to mid 90's; HI- over 100º
Manchester: low to mid 90's: HI- close to 100º

I'll have a report on the potential of a recorded tornado outbreak of the Plains states today.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Warm June Night; Hot and Breezy CMA Music Fest Tomorrow

Temperatures here on the Rim at this time is registering 79ºF on the untrusted bank thermometers. Lows tonight should dip into the low to mid 70's for Nashville and the upper 60's on the Plateau. The CMA Music Fest is going to be a hot and rain free yet again with the mercury in the thermometers clearing the 90º mark. Here's some of your overnight lows for June 4th into the early morning hours of June 5th.

Nashville: low to mid 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's to low 70's
Columbia: low 70's
Manchester: upper 60's to low 70's

Errie Reminder of Feb. 5th

If this photo doesn't remind you of the Columbia Gulf fire on Feb. 5th, I don't know what will. This fire took place in Kansas City, MO last night after lightning struck a petroleum gas tank at around 7:30 p.m. . The image is from . The flames could have been seen from miles away and two employees were at the plant when the fire erupted, but where uninjured. You can read more of the article and get more pictures of the fire here at

Hot and Humid Again; Thanks to All My Blog Readers is going to be rough if your doing anything outdoors this evening (If you do happen to go outdoors, drink plenty of water). The wind is whipping this morning and will continue to do so for most if not all of the day. The SPC almost has Northern TN in a slight risk for today, but they also had us in a slight risk last night when we didn't even see rain, so I'm not thinking we'll see any form of precipitation today. The high's for today will range form the low 90's west of the Highland Rim, to the upper 80's east of the Rim. Here's the forecasted high's for this regions.

Nashville: low 90's
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: upper 80's
Columbia: low 90's
Manchester: low to mid 90's

I would like to thank all my blog readers, yesterday was the highest total of views I've ever had since I started this blog 14 days ago. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Night Forecast; Midwest Tornado Nightime Outbreak

Today was a very hot and humid day here in TN, we thought we were going to see some pop-up storms today expcetally in the eastern counties, but that didn't turn out so. The SPC still has areas from Nashville northward in a slight risk area for tongiht for some strange reason. I'm not and neither is anyone else of us seeing any rain tonight, what I'm guess is that the SPC must be letting there kids do the Convective Outlooks. Tomorrow looks to again hit the 90 degree mark and as we get closer to the CMA Music Fest, the temps go up too. Here's the forecasted lows for tonight in these specific areas.

Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: low 70's
Manchester: upper 60's

Midwest Nighttime Tornado Outbreak:

  • There are currently 17 Tornado Warnings out over 6 different states.

  • There are currently 5 watches out streaching from the state of Kansas and Oklahoma, eastward to the states of Ohio and West Virginia.

  • There are 4 Tornado Watches out and 1 Severe T'storm Watch

  • There has been a total of 9 tornado reports ( 7 in Illinois and 2 in Indiana)

Discovery Channel "Storm Chasers" DOW Operated by Josh Wurman

Ryan Hoke, who is a teenage weather fanatic just like me, was out storm chasing in Kansas the other day and while he was chasing a storm, the DOW (Doppler on Wheels) came driving by them and was leading the other chase vehicles, the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) and the Scout truck. Alot of you weather fans may know of the show "Storm Chasers" which airs on the Discovery Channel and also the Science Channel. The DOW was created and now is being operated by scientist/meteorologist Josh Wurman while out in the plains chasing. This storm didn't drop any tornadoes, but if you go to Ryan's blog at
you can see some pictures of his 2 week chase trip (which is only 1 week done) and they are some fascinating pictures and I can promise you that more great pictures will be coming.

Clay's New Blog Address!

I'm glad to announce that one of my weather friends has finally gotten his new blog address up and running. The new blog address you can type in to get to his site is: . He's very happy about getting it so if ya'll would check out his site, he'd be grateful. You don't have to use that address to get to his site either, you can still use the blog spot address as I do because I have it saved on my computer and I really don't want to delete my whole search engine file! So go check out Clay's blog. He's a very accurate forecaster with weather knowledge going out the roof, and I know he'd appreciate the visits.

Scattered Storms Today; First 90 Degree Day of the Year?

As you can tell, the SPC has areas from Clarksville eastward and from Columbia eastward in a slight risk of severe weather today with the threat being the same old damaging winds and large hail. As of now, there looks to be some storms already popping just north of here in the Scottsville and Glasgow, KY areas, but there is one storm hitting the Clay County area (Celina) that may have a lightning strike or two in them, but nothing major yet. Today's high's should manage to get to 90 today south of I-40, but areas north of I-40 may be stuck in the upper 80's for one more day cause tomorrow...everyone is getting into the 90's. Here's some of the regional temps. and storm chances later this afternoon.

Nashville: low 90's; 40% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's to low 90's; 40% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Columbia: low 90's; 30% chance
Manchester: low 90's; 30% chance

Monday, June 2, 2008

Reed Timmer and Crew's Awesome Tornado Probe Deployment Video!

I'm having problems posting the video on my blog, so what I've decided to do was just give you guys the link to the video and just tell ya'll a little bit about Reed Timmer and the whole Tornado Videos. net team and also the well known in the world of weather "Storm Chasers" Discovery Channel show.

Here's the link to the video: . Reed pointed out on the forum that the video will look MUCH, MUCH better when it airs on the Discovery Channel series called "Storm Chasers" this fall. When he announces the air date, I'll post it on here. Here's a list of Reed Timmer and the members and helpers of the chase team.

  • Reed Timmer (is an expert chaser and has been one for a number of years)

  • Joel Taylor (who also has alot of experience in the world of chasing)

  • Chris Chittick ( He's the driver for most, if not all, of the chases)

  • Jason Fill (He's the Systems Developer who has never been chasing, but does all the editing and enjoys looking at the tornado videos the team makes)

  • Dean Schoeneck ( He's been a storm chaser for the same amount of years that Reed and Joel have been)

  • Dave Holder ( He's a native of England and has been fascinated about weather ever since he came to America at a very young age)

You can read more about the Tornado chase team at: and then click on the link at the top called "About Us".

Magical Monday Here in TN Today/ Severe Chance Tomorrow

Today here in the the volunteer state, we look to get close to the 90 degree mark, but will stop just shy of it and end up around 88 to 89. After a rough past couple of days storm wise, we have a break today, but tomorrow TWC (The Weather Channel) has areas form Nashville northward in the strong storm category. The main threats will again be damaging winds and large hail, but an isolated tornado or two can't be ruled out at the moment. We may also see are first 90 degree day for many people here in the Mid. state. Here's some of the regional temps. for the start of the work week.

Nashville: upper 80's
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's
Cookeville: low 80's
Columbia: upper 80's
Manchester: low to mid 80's

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fast Sunday Forecast; Reed Timmer Chase Video

For Sunday's this will be a regular. I won't post alot and when I do it will be fast and too the point. Today we will warm and stormy again. The SPC has all of Mid. TN in a slight risk area, but areas from Nashville southward look to have the best chance at pop-up storms. The main threat with these storms will be large hail and damaging winds, but an isolated tornado is possible too. Decatur County is T'stormed Warned at the moment as well as flash flood warned. Highs should get into mid to upper 80's almost everywhere in TN except for the Plateau where you will struggle to get out of the 70's. Here's some of the storm reports from the rough night last night reported by the SPC.

Mt Juliet (Wilson County): House fell on home; no injuries

Paris (Henry County): Trees and power lines down across northern part of county

Springfield (Robertson County): Flash Flooding county wide; city of Springfield lost most of its power.

Reed Timmer Chase information.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get the video to load onto my page and talk more about the chase and how he and his team is helping with the Discovery Channel series called 'Storm Chasers" that will air this fall.