Monday, June 16, 2008

Storms Popping Here at Highland Rim TN WX Station!

We are currently clear, but we just had two separate cells come over here and bring with it very beneficial rain, wind gust to around 20 mph give or take a mph, and thunder and lightning (currently thundering too). We could see more of these storms fire across all of Mid. TN, but areas north of I-40 look to have the best chance at seeing small hail and gusty winds with the storms that do fire.

UPDATE: We just had a third cell pass us by about 5-10 minutes ago. More storms could pop-up and may even reach severe limits with damaging winds, and small hail. I'll continue to watch the skies above here, and also the radar for my fellow Mid. Tennesseans.

5:26 UPDATE: The cell that was Severe T'storm Warned here has now weakened, but with me being located on the western side of Macon County, I got the brunt of it and got it on video! I videoed the storm as it was just starting to get revved up, til after the warning expired. I feel like a kid in a candy store after that storm...I'm hyped up. We're getting the 5th storm to pass the area right now! Amazing!

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