Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clay's New Blog Address!

I'm glad to announce that one of my weather friends has finally gotten his new blog address up and running. The new blog address you can type in to get to his site is: http://www.mtwcweather.com/ . He's very happy about getting it so if ya'll would check out his site, he'd be grateful. You don't have to use that address to get to his site either, you can still use the blog spot address as I do because I have it saved on my computer and I really don't want to delete my whole search engine file! So go check out Clay's blog. He's a very accurate forecaster with weather knowledge going out the roof, and I know he'd appreciate the visits.


MTWC said...

You didn't have to do that, thanks!

Charles said...

I know, but I knew you where happy about it and I'm getting alot of people from around the country viewing my blog that may not be viewing yours that I wanted to let them see your site too.

Cookeville Weather Guy said...

Good job Charles! :)