Monday, June 16, 2008

Severe Update: Clouds Building Here; Showers Beginning to Fire in South Central KY

Here's the latest visible satellite image showing the cloud cover building here in Northern Mid. TN. You see those thick clouds down over in the NE Georgia mountains, those clouds are producing storms that have been Severe T'storm Warned for some time now and they are also being monitored for a Severe T'storm Watch later on. The activity should increase as the day goes on and we could see a couple of warnings fire here and there from the individual stronger cells that do form, and the main threat would be violent winds. I'm monitoring the showers around Bowling Green, KY at this time to see if those cells will strengthen or not. If we get into a MSD (Mesoscale Discussion) later on for the firing storms, I'll post up the MSD and the statement from the SPC, but that's if we even get into one.


Matt Brawner said...

As of 3:01 i'm viewing the showers on GRLevel3 and GRLevel2Analyst. They could be producing some hail! They wont last long though!

Charles said...

Sorry Matt. I was off the computer and out in it at 3:03. But that cell you where mentioning, didn't produce hail here, but it almost did. It did thought have very beneifical rain and gusty winds. Thundering here again from the NW! More? I hope so.