Friday, June 20, 2008

Mainly Clear Friday; Stormy Saturday; 3-Day Forecast

Good morning my blog readers! After looking at the latest models, it looks like that most of the rain will hold off from Mid. TN, til the Saturday morning hours and will persist throughout most of the day. I'm putting the chances for tomorrow at 50% for northern areas of Mid. TN, and 60% for southern sections. For today, however, things will look mostly clear (can't rule out a passing shower in northern Mid. TN) and the high's will stay in the mid 80's in Nashville and the low 80's elsewhere. Here's today's forecasted high's as well as the 3-Day forecast I've been promising.

Nashville: mid 80's
Clarksville: mid 80's; 10% chance
Cookeville: low 80's; 10% chance
Columbia: mid 80's
Manchester: low to mid 80's

* Highland Rim TN WX Forecast*

  • Saturday: Stormy Conditions/Clearing Late; Highs: low 80's Nashville, upper 70's Rim and Plateau

  • Sunday: High Pressure builds in; Highs: mid 80's Nashville, low 80's Rim and Plateau

  • Monday: Sunny; Highs: upper 80's Nashville, mid 80's Rim and Plateau

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