Monday, June 23, 2008

Early Post Entry: Urgent News for My Blog

I wasn't going to do a blog post til tomorrow, but after hearing of this news, I couldn't wait to tell ya'll. Matt Brawner is going to be starting his blog postership very, very soon...maybe as early as tomorrow night. I'll have more info on this, as well as the blog schedule on when you can expect his post and mine, on one of tomorrow's blog post. In the weather department, it looks like southern and eastern sections of Mid. TN, got walloped by severe storms today and Saturday.


MTWC said...

I wouldn't say walloped. Just some severe thunderstorms here and there.

Charles said...

Had to make it dramatic. LOL! Just hail reports were called in, right? I saw where Chattanooga got some wind damage the other day though.

Matt @ AP7 said...

Well Charles you guys (Macon County) were under a severe thunderstorm warning!