Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog Poll Results # 4

I'll get to the picture above in a moment, but here's the results of the latest blog poll I had up and the questions was...

"What's the Biggest Hailstone You've Ever Seen Before?"

Nickel Size - : 1 vote

Quarter Size: 2 votes

Golf Ball Size: 3 votes

Tennis Ball Size: 1 vote

Baseball Size + : 1 vote

The largest I've ever seen would be quarter size. The largest hailstone that I've heard of that fell in Tennessee was of baseball size. The picture above is the largest hailstone to hit earth and it fell in Coffeyville, Kansas, in the year 1970. The hailstone weighed in at 1.67 pounds and was over 5.5 inches in diameter! The photo was found at Jeff Haby's Weather Prediction site, and he found it from the NWS in Hastings, NE's site.

There's a new blog entry to replace this one now! Thanks to all for voting!

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