Thursday, June 5, 2008

1:33 p.m. Plains Severe Weather Update

WHEW, trying to keep up with what's occurring out in the central U.S. and also trying to keep ya'll updated is hard stuff. As you can see above from the SPC, as of 1:33 there are currently no tornado reports called in to any law enforcement or the local NWS offices. But the action is just starting to heat up out there for them. There's one area of concern for me at this time. It's a line that is beginning to separate into two discrete supercells around the Greensburg and the Great Bend areas. Here's the setup there having to contend with.

  • Storms start out in a line, grow slowly and then separate into individual supercells which will then give birth to strong and violent tornadoes.

  • There are currently 4 watches out over 7 different states.

  • 2 PDS Tornado Watches and 2 Severe T'storm Watches

  • The High Risk area has been shrunk a little to not include the Minneapolis area and very little of SD.

Check back in a little while for another Plains Outbreak Update...We are now going back to regularly scheduled program at this time.

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