Monday, June 16, 2008

Unsettled Mid. TN Monday; Plains' Storm Reports From Yesterday

In the first picture I put up form the SPC website, is the Convective Outlook for severe weather today. As you can see, the slight risk area almost includes areas in Northern Mid. TN/ Highland Rim/ and the Cumberland Plateau. With DP's this morning in the 60's here in Lafayette at 5:53...we could see a severe storm or two break out here in Northern areas of the regions I just mentioned with damaging winds being the main threat, but there is also a small tornadic risk too at only 2%. Everyone in Mid. TN has a chance at seeing a glancing shower or t'shower, but the chances are best in the Northern areas. The temps. today look to get to the 90 degree mark again...HOWEVER...the temps. will not stay at the 90 degree mark long as the heat looks to disappear from the picture this work week and we should only see temperatures in the LOW 80's in some places while most people will stay in the mid 80's. Here's the anticipated high's for today, as well as the storm/rain chances.

Nashville: low 90's in the city, upper 80's elsewhere; 30% chance
Clarksville: upper 80's; 30% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 80's; 40% chance
Columbia: low 90's; 30% chance
Manchester: low 90's; 30% chance

* The second picture I posted on my blog, was the storm report map from yesterday in the Plains and Midwest. I was looking at the wind reports and most of the reports had descriptions of large tree limbs down, power lines down and power out due to high winds, but some of the reports mentioned wind gust from anywhere between 60-70 mph, all the way up to one report which states that wind gust where in between 80-90 mph! There is a Moderate risk of severe weather today up in the Mid-Atlantic states, but as I mentioned in the paragraph above, we aren't out of the question to see one two or even three severe weather reports out of today setup.

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