Monday, June 2, 2008

Reed Timmer and Crew's Awesome Tornado Probe Deployment Video!

I'm having problems posting the video on my blog, so what I've decided to do was just give you guys the link to the video and just tell ya'll a little bit about Reed Timmer and the whole Tornado Videos. net team and also the well known in the world of weather "Storm Chasers" Discovery Channel show.

Here's the link to the video: . Reed pointed out on the forum that the video will look MUCH, MUCH better when it airs on the Discovery Channel series called "Storm Chasers" this fall. When he announces the air date, I'll post it on here. Here's a list of Reed Timmer and the members and helpers of the chase team.

  • Reed Timmer (is an expert chaser and has been one for a number of years)

  • Joel Taylor (who also has alot of experience in the world of chasing)

  • Chris Chittick ( He's the driver for most, if not all, of the chases)

  • Jason Fill (He's the Systems Developer who has never been chasing, but does all the editing and enjoys looking at the tornado videos the team makes)

  • Dean Schoeneck ( He's been a storm chaser for the same amount of years that Reed and Joel have been)

  • Dave Holder ( He's a native of England and has been fascinated about weather ever since he came to America at a very young age)

You can read more about the Tornado chase team at: and then click on the link at the top called "About Us".

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