Thursday, June 5, 2008

4:18 p.m. Plains Severe Weather Update

The wind factor is the real reason why the SPC issued the High Risk for places over the Central U.S., but the tornado threat is still a big possibility too. All you have too do is follow the outline of the 60% area and you have the High Risk area. The last time I've heard of there being any 60% forecast probability map was the April 6th 2006 tornado outbreak here in Mid. TN. There have been a total of 6 tornado reports submitted to the SPC so far today and many more could come. The CAP is finally beginning to weaken or break over the Plains and as they get later into the night the threat of tornadoes should decrease, but the wind threat won't for them. The timeframe for the most action is between now and maybe through 8 p.m. I'll have our evening forecast later as well as all the current storm reports from the Plains.

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