Sunday, November 30, 2008

Evening Outlook

As your day comes to a close.....mine is just beginning!! I will beup all night updating the blog and the Winter Weather that could come to town tonight and tomorrow. As of doesn't appear to be too significant. Areas south of Nashville could receive a light dusting..but some of our Northern Counties could receive up to an Inch of snow, especially areas on the Eastern Highland Rim and Cumberland Plataue.

Tonight should remain the same as it has been today...just a bit colder. Cloud cover should continue for most...though a few areas tonight could see some breaks.

Have a Safe Warm Night!!

Afternoon Outlook is here..we just received a report of flurries flying in South Gallatin. But that's not the only ones. Middle Tennesseeans are in for a cold, snowy night. Temperatures will drop down enough for us to see some snow. We're already running a 70% chance of seeing some of the white stuff!
Tonight will remain mostly cloudy...then the snow will move in late tonight, and should still be falling into the morning.

Remember to tune in to the Highland Rim TN WX Blog tonight and Tommorow for up-to-the-minute School Closings and Major Traffic Issues.

If you receive any snow...please send us some pictures!! All you need to do is include Your Name Location and Where the Picture was taken and of what!

Be sure to check in for our nighttime forecast!!

Wet Morning; Snow Tonight

Good morning on a very wet and somewhat cold day. As Charles has pointed out SNOW is the topic of Tennessee Weather Today! Tonight as area temperatures drop, our snow chances will rise. But that's later. Here's your HighlandRimTNWX Forecast.

Cloudy with A.M. Rain Showers
High 44 degrees
Winds at 10-15 m.p.h.

Snow Likely
Low near 32 degrees

Snow Likely
High near 38

**As of yet no school closings have been reported...but follow the Highland Rim Blog for School Closings and Traffic Reports Today and Tomorrow as this situation unfolds**
Rain bands are still present in the Middle Tennessee area. Areas that can be expecting this activity within the next couple hours are:
Have a GREAT Safe Day...and stay tuned for more on the wintry weather situation!

Last SnowTrac Map for November 30th System

The only changes I have made from yesterday's SnowTrac forecast, is that I moved all the dark blue shaded areas out of TN and put them into KY. And I've also moved the gray (no accumulation area) up some places. WKRN meteorologist Davis Nolan mentioned that some of the county school systems north and east of Nashville could get out tomorrow, and WTVF meteorologist Kelly Cox showed a map this morning where places north and east of Nashville would get around 1" of snow to accumulate. So with those predictions, I'm finding that we could wake up too a good snow cover tomorrow here at the station.

*I shaded Savannah, TN in pink for a reason. Savannah, part of NWS in Memphis' DMA region, were mentioned in this morning's outlook stating that they might issue Winter Weather Advisories for that area and places in their DMA. If they where to do that, I wouldn't doubt it one bit if Nashville decided to follow suit and issue the same thing for many of it's counties (especially the places in NE and Northern Middle TN). So keep those fingers crossed people.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Updated November 30th SnowTrac Map

And just so everyone knows, these snowfall totals are being very generous. The most out of the system we may end up getting is 1" and that would be on the Plateau where I think 1.5" could fall.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Forecast; November 30th SnowTrac Map

Here's the Highland Rim SnowTrac map (from the weatherunderground site) for the November 30th possible winter event. The current thinking is that most places along the KY state line and on the Rim and Plateau, will see some accumulation. While places along the AL state line might see a dusting on the grassy surfaces. The only thing keeping this from being a huge event is the potential of the ground temps. being too high to support much in the way of snow. While my forecast map says Nov. 30th, this event looks to continue into Monday with an all day snow/mix occurring with temps. barely getting to 36ºF anywhere in Middle TN and South Central KY.

As I push that winter threat aside for a bit, the temperatures today won't be as warm as yesterday, but they will still be better then the 40ºF with a WC of 32º days. I'm forecasting a high of 55ºF for Nashville today with many areas not getting out of the low 50's. Have a great Friday everyone!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Forecast!

I thought this picture suited our turkey brethren quite well for Thanksgiving! And since today is Thanksgiving please take the time out of your hectic schedule to ponder on what you are have, cause we have more then we could ever imagine and I can confess that I don't thank God enough for the things he has given me.

And too add to the thankfulness, the ironic thing is that for the first time in 3 weeks, our temperature will be above average and it happens to fall on Thanksgiving. I'm forecasting a high in Nashville of around 63ºF today, with little to no cloud cover over head. Now come this weekend all of this will change, I'm thinking we have a great shot at some wintry weather this weekend, but I'm either going to make a post tonight or in tomorrow's post about this possible event, since it garners its own post. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Mid-South Regional Thanksgiving Forecast

Nashville: low 60's
Memphis: upper 60's
Louisville, KY: upper 50's
Atlanta, GA: mid to upper 60's
Birmingham, AL: upper 60's
Raleigh, NC: upper 50's to low 60's

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25 Forecast; No Rain, Better Tuesday

As we roll out another day before our Thanksgiving breaks (mine comes tomorrow!) the weather should be more doable then yesterday's wet and dreey day. The temperature won't get out of the upper 40's, but we should have mostly clear skies throughout the day, but what is keep our temps. down is the west wind we will see today. Come tomorrow however, it looks like we will get somewhat of a south wind and that will push our temps. back up to almost average for this time of year (upper 50's to low 60's). Your Thanksgiving day continue to looks dry and warmer, but on Black Friday I'm forecasting the chance at a passing shower or two for you holiday shoppers, but it shouldn't be enough rain to slow you down any.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Poll Results: Favorite Types of Severe WX

"What Type of Severe Weather Do You Like Most?"

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All of it!
5 votes

Thanks to all for voting...I guess you can tell which one I voted for. :) A new blog poll is in effect and it has something to do with Middle TN and South Central KY weather!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cooler Weather Continues

With the arrival of yet another cold front, the temperatures will be keep below average for another day and even longer. Yesterday we saw our high reach to around 50º's give or take a degree, but today, those 50's won't be around due to a NW wind from this front passing through us today. The morning lows didn't reach no where near as low as last night's did, but with this cold front the temps. won't rebound like they did yesterday. I'm looking for the average Middle TN high to be around 45ºF and SCK's average high being 44ºF. Hope everyone has an enjoyable Thursday!

Nashville: mid 40's; WC: mid to upper 30's
Clarksville: mid 40's; WC: upper 30's
Cookeville: mid to upper 40's; WC: low 40's
Columbia: mid 40's; WC: mid to upper 30's
Manchester: mid to upper 40's; WC: upper 30's

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; Weds. Forecast

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Leah Robertson for taking these pictures of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Leah has sent me storm picture before as well from New Mexico earlier this year. This first image really caught my eye and just shows you how many people where out and about in this fiesta. And Leah even told me that this picture doesn't do justice to just how many balloons where actually in flight that day.
Now this picture is my favorite of them all. How many times have you guys seen a Darth Vader Hot Air balloon? From looking at these pictures, I hope one day I get a chance to go out into Albuquerque and see this event unfold. Thanks again Leah for sharing these amazing photos.
* Now onto the weather aspect of things, after this cold start to the morning (this morning is the coldest start for some this winter year) we will rebound nicely in the temperature department and we should see those bank thermometer's reach the 50º mark later on today. That would be about 10º's warmer then yesterday. Most of the models are keeping the next wet chance out of here til Monday of next week where we could see a front come through and give us yet another shot of cold weather behind the system.
Nashville: low 50's
Clarksville: low 50's
Cookeville: upper 40's to low 50's
Columbia: low 50's
Manchester: low 50's

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out the Door Forecast: 11/18

Having yet another late start so I'm having to give, you, my blog readers the fast forecast. So for today, you can expect here in Middle TN and South Central KY cold and windy conditions. The high should reach the 40º mark, but it probably won't go much higher then that come this afternoon. Like I mentioned yesterday, this whole week will be below normal with the highest Nashville temp. not getting to 60º anytime this week. But with this cold air mass in place, the moisture factor looks to be out of the picture for anyone this week as looks more and more likely that this weekend will be dry rather then wintry like first thought.

*WC- Wind Chill

Nashville: low 40's; WC in the mid 30's
Clarksville: low 40's; WC in the mid 30's
Cookeville: upper 30's; WC in the low 30's
Columbia: low 40's; WC in upper 30's
Manchester: upper 30's to low 40's; WC in the low to mid 30's

Monday, November 17, 2008

Below Normal Week...Weather Wise

After our weekend flurry fiesta...the rest of the work week will tend to follow in the cold temps. footsteps with our temperatures staying below average for much, if not all of this week. And in keeping with the cold temperatures, we could see a NW wind as well to keep the wind chill down in the 40's and 30's.

By next weekend, the models are showing yet another front coming through our region and with it comes rain and back side flurries/snow showers. But that is still 5-6 days away and anything can change in that amount of time as we have seen before. Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Nashville: upper 40's
Clarksville: upper 40's
Cookeville: mid to upper 40's
Columbia: upper 40's
Manchester: mid to upper 40's

Friday, November 14, 2008

Out The Door Forecast: 11/14

I'm having to pack to go to Kentucky so I'm having to get this post done and done fast.

Today: look for wet and windy (15-20 sustained gust to 25-30) conditions the wetter weather should begin right as football games go on tonight, but most of the heavier rain should hold off til the overnight hours into Saturday morning. High's range from 64-67ºF today.

Saturday: look for wetter and colder conditions. While Friday looks relatively warm, Saturday will be quite the opposite. Our temps. will be falling throughout the day rather then warming and our high could come at midnight or sometime during the early morning hours right before the rains arrives and stays Saturday while changing to flurries!/ light snow showers! Saturday evening.

Sunday: Expect much the same like Saturday but minus the rain and add in flurries! Some of the models are taking much of the moisture out of our region, but since cold air can't hold moisture...I think we will (most likely places Rim and Plateau) see some flurries fly off and on Sunday morning.

Don't forget to vote in the blog poll at the top of the site.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Rainy Day; Snowy Weekend?

Today, it looks like we have another chance at rain coming in from the SW. Yesterday, the rain wasn't as common around areas like I though it would be, but for is going to be their. Many places in Middle TN and South Central KY will receive amounts over 1" of rain from this system. And on Thursday and Friday, their is still an outreached chance of strong to severe t'storms, but don't I'm not counting on it thus far.

And after the cold front passes, our temps. will take a nose-dive southward for just a little while, cause on Sunday, our high's here are barely going to get out of the 40's in my forecast. And with these low temps...if we have enough moisture left we could see some flurries on the back side of this system so that is something to continue to watch.

Nashville: mid to upper 50's; 90% chance
Clarksville: mid 50's; 100% chance
Cookeville: mid 50's; 80% chance
Columbia: mid to upper 50's; 100% chance
Manchester: mid 50's; 90% chance

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wet Veteran's Day; Much Wetter Week

Don't Forget to remember ALL of the veteran's who fought for this country in previous wars. These men and women have more courage then may of us could ever imagine, so please take the time sometime during your day to thank them for their service.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Warmer Monday; Flurries By Weekend?

As many of us Middle Tennesseans wake up to 20º readings, today's high should reach higher then what yesterday brought us, cause today we don't have the cloud cover around the keep the cold air trapped. With that being said, when I say warmer, I mean the high will probably get to around the 51-54ºF today which will be 7-10ºF warmer for some then what yesterday brought. We don't see rain enter the picture til tomorrow evening and into the early morning hours. The NWS office here in Nashville is saying that our low will get to around 34ºF tonight with the chance of rain, so we ALMOST reached that 32º mark for snow, but I don't think we will quite make it.

And as I mention snow, this weekend is looking better and better for snow flurries/ snow showers to form Saturday night into Sunday morning. It won't be much due to it being leftover moisture from the system, but we are currently thinking that enough moisture will be leftover for some people (especially the Plateau people) to at least see some flurries fly. Places on the Plateau might even see a dusting of snow on their patio decks, much like the last flurries we had.

Nashville: low to mid 50's
Clarksville: low to mid 50's
Cookeville: low to mid 50's
Columbia: low to mid 50's
Manchester: low to mid 50's

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blog Poll Results

"How Cold Has It Been at Your House?"

27ºF- (Hard Freeze)- 3 votes

28ºF-30ºF (Light Freeze)- 0 votes

31ºF-32ºF (Frost)- 4 votes

32ºF+ (No Frost or Freeze Yet)- 2 votes

The lowest my temperature has gotten has been right around the 26ºF mark. Don't forget to vote in the new blog poll!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rainy End to Work Week; Nice, Cooler Weekend

Too add to the text above, after this cold front passes, we Middle Tennesseans and South Central Kentuckians will be witness to much cooler weather. Where the high's won't reach the 70º mark anymore, but we will be back into a more fall like atmosphere which is where you should be on November the 7th weekend. Hope everyone has a great end to your work week.

Nashville: mid 60's; 40% this afternoon
Clarksville: mid to upper 60's
Cookeville: low to mid 60's; 70% chance this afternoon (watch for strong t'storms)
Columbia: mid 60's; 20% chance this afternoon
Manchester: low to mid 60's; 60% chance (watch for strong t'storms)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plains Severe Day; Great TN Weather

From looking at this tornado looks like areas in the SE KS and NE OK will be the most likely places to see the tornadoes and I agree with that reasoning and have agreed with it from the day we knew about this system. I expect to see 5-8 tornado reports from the Plains states today, but hail is going to be the primary threat.

As for as here...GREAT weather will continue for at least one more day before this same system comes through our region Thursday night. We here at the Highland Rim Station aren't forecasting any severe storms due to the model consistency of there being low amounts of instability and too it hitting overnight.

The high's today should easily hit the mid 70º mark today, and for November...that is just unheard of, but come this weekend, these 70º readings will feel like Florida weather cause we won't be in the 70's come this weekend...try more like mid 50's. At least we have ONE more day of nice weather.

Nashville: mid 70's (isolated upper 70's)
Clarksville: mid 70's
Cookeville: low to mid 70's
Columbia: mid 70's
Manchester: mid 70's

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Forecast; Severe Risk Thursday?

Man, is is good to be posting these again. And as you can tell, the SPC already has areas from the TN River, westward in a Slight risk for Thursday and Thursday night. From reading the outlook, it looks like the many severe risk will damaging winds, but hail is also going to be a threat with any storms that do form out ahead of the front. It doesn't appear that tornadoes will be a big issue do to the lack of lift in the atmosphere come Thursday, but that can't be said for places in the Plains that will have to deal with this system Weds and Weds night.

Now, as I push the severe risk to the side for a minute, today looks to be another great, November day with the high getting to around 72-75º with low humidity making it a fantastic day to get out and vote for the next President of the United States or to do whatever outdoor plan you might have in mind. Our next rain chance doesn't come til Thursday evening with this front and at this point it doesn't look like severe weather will be too big of a problem for us, due to the system hitting at the overnight hours and it just doesn't look like all the weather "science" will come together for us either.

Nashville: low to mid 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: low 70's
Columbia: low to mid 70's
Manchester: low to mid 70;s

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wonderful Day Ahead; 1 Day Til Election!

Oh boy is today going to be awesome! The weather couldn't get any better, especially for being the start of November! Even though this is a Monday, the weather looks and will feel more like a Saturday deal, so if you have the time, take a break or something and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather...cause I have a feeling it won't last much longer. The high;s today should reach well into the 70's with most places seeing reading around 74º-76º.

If you have yet to vote today would be a great time to vote cause the weather won't be slowing you down a bit. With tomorrow being Election Day, most TN and South Central KY school are out and that includes me and I will keep this blog informed on the latest election news as the day goes on...or when I'm not outside enjoying the weather!!! Have a great Monday everyone.

Nashville: mid 70's
Clarksville: mid 70's
Cookeville: low to mid 70's
Columbia: mid 70's
Manchester: low to mid 70's

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mild Night; Severe Weather?

It was a rather mild day here in Middle Tennessee. Area temperatures got up into the 70's for many places. Gallatin's High was near 74. Tonight will be than some of the other, more chilly nights we have come to expect.

HighlandRim Road Report:
1-65 N. of Nashville: Moderate to Heavy Traffic, mainly due to Titans Game:Rush Hour

HighlandRim Forecast:

Mostly Clear with Patchy Fog
Low near 43 degrees


Mostly Sunny
High near 75 degrees

Monday Night:

Low near 42 degrees


The Storm Prediction Center has East Tennessee outlined in a "Convective Outlook" for This THURSDAY. They are monitering the possibility of a "Squall Line", or a Solid or Nearly Solid Band of Active Thunderstorms sweeping across our area and bringing us some bad weather. For more information please visit the SPC at the Link above.

Have a good Safe Night!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cool Night; Tomorrow's Outlook

It will yet again be another cold night here in the Mid-State. Area lows will get down into the lower 40's maybe in some low lying areas get down to 37 degrees. It was a great day in the weather department today, I think we will repeat this tomorrow as the Green Bay Packers come to face the Hometown Titans.

Sunday Outlook:

High Near 73
Winds South Near 5 MPH.

Sunday Night:

Low Near 42
Winds Light

Have a Good Night!!