Monday, November 10, 2008

Warmer Monday; Flurries By Weekend?

As many of us Middle Tennesseans wake up to 20º readings, today's high should reach higher then what yesterday brought us, cause today we don't have the cloud cover around the keep the cold air trapped. With that being said, when I say warmer, I mean the high will probably get to around the 51-54ºF today which will be 7-10ºF warmer for some then what yesterday brought. We don't see rain enter the picture til tomorrow evening and into the early morning hours. The NWS office here in Nashville is saying that our low will get to around 34ºF tonight with the chance of rain, so we ALMOST reached that 32º mark for snow, but I don't think we will quite make it.

And as I mention snow, this weekend is looking better and better for snow flurries/ snow showers to form Saturday night into Sunday morning. It won't be much due to it being leftover moisture from the system, but we are currently thinking that enough moisture will be leftover for some people (especially the Plateau people) to at least see some flurries fly. Places on the Plateau might even see a dusting of snow on their patio decks, much like the last flurries we had.

Nashville: low to mid 50's
Clarksville: low to mid 50's
Cookeville: low to mid 50's
Columbia: low to mid 50's
Manchester: low to mid 50's


MTWC said...

Regardless of the outcome of this weekend I think snowflakes will be here in the next 2 or 3 weeks judging by the pattern we are going into.
-Clay in Nashville

Charles Loring said...

I agree with you Clay. The trend is looking like we might see a good snow sometime before the Dec. time period, and it also looks more and more likely we won't see a fall severe threat this year either.