Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wet Morning; Snow Tonight

Good morning on a very wet and somewhat cold day. As Charles has pointed out SNOW is the topic of Tennessee Weather Today! Tonight as area temperatures drop, our snow chances will rise. But that's later. Here's your HighlandRimTNWX Forecast.

Cloudy with A.M. Rain Showers
High 44 degrees
Winds at 10-15 m.p.h.

Snow Likely
Low near 32 degrees

Snow Likely
High near 38

**As of yet no school closings have been reported...but follow the Highland Rim Blog for School Closings and Traffic Reports Today and Tomorrow as this situation unfolds**
Rain bands are still present in the Middle Tennessee area. Areas that can be expecting this activity within the next couple hours are:
Have a GREAT Safe Day...and stay tuned for more on the wintry weather situation!


MTWC said...

So according to your forecast Nashville will flirt with freezing. That would suggest Nashville would get more like a coating to an inch rather than a coating to a half inch. Lets hope we bust a degree or two below the forecasted numbers! As you all know there is a huge difference in winter wx between 31-32º and 33-34.

-Clay in Nashville

Charles Loring said...

Yes Clay, and that is what I am basing my hop on is the 1-2º difference. It's just a wait and see type deal now...good luck in Nashville. :)