Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Forecast; Severe Risk Thursday?

Man, is is good to be posting these again. And as you can tell, the SPC already has areas from the TN River, westward in a Slight risk for Thursday and Thursday night. From reading the outlook, it looks like the many severe risk will damaging winds, but hail is also going to be a threat with any storms that do form out ahead of the front. It doesn't appear that tornadoes will be a big issue do to the lack of lift in the atmosphere come Thursday, but that can't be said for places in the Plains that will have to deal with this system Weds and Weds night.

Now, as I push the severe risk to the side for a minute, today looks to be another great, November day with the high getting to around 72-75ยบ with low humidity making it a fantastic day to get out and vote for the next President of the United States or to do whatever outdoor plan you might have in mind. Our next rain chance doesn't come til Thursday evening with this front and at this point it doesn't look like severe weather will be too big of a problem for us, due to the system hitting at the overnight hours and it just doesn't look like all the weather "science" will come together for us either.

Nashville: low to mid 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: low 70's
Columbia: low to mid 70's
Manchester: low to mid 70;s

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