Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; Weds. Forecast

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Leah Robertson for taking these pictures of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Leah has sent me storm picture before as well from New Mexico earlier this year. This first image really caught my eye and just shows you how many people where out and about in this fiesta. And Leah even told me that this picture doesn't do justice to just how many balloons where actually in flight that day.
Now this picture is my favorite of them all. How many times have you guys seen a Darth Vader Hot Air balloon? From looking at these pictures, I hope one day I get a chance to go out into Albuquerque and see this event unfold. Thanks again Leah for sharing these amazing photos.
* Now onto the weather aspect of things, after this cold start to the morning (this morning is the coldest start for some this winter year) we will rebound nicely in the temperature department and we should see those bank thermometer's reach the 50º mark later on today. That would be about 10º's warmer then yesterday. Most of the models are keeping the next wet chance out of here til Monday of next week where we could see a front come through and give us yet another shot of cold weather behind the system.
Nashville: low 50's
Clarksville: low 50's
Cookeville: upper 40's to low 50's
Columbia: low 50's
Manchester: low 50's


MTWC said...

Interesting ballons!
-Clay in Nashville

Leah Robertson said...

Thanks Charles for posting these. =) The Darth balloon was my favorite as well...probably because I'm such a weather geek. ;P

Thank again!

Charles Loring said...

Not a problem Leah, and like I mentioned, if you have any more eventful activites in NM. Don't hesitiate to send the pictures my way, weather events or an yother events!

Leah Robertson said...

Whoopsie...exclude "weather" in my previous post.

Leah Robertson said...

Will do. ;o)