Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out the Door Forecast: 11/18

Having yet another late start so I'm having to give, you, my blog readers the fast forecast. So for today, you can expect here in Middle TN and South Central KY cold and windy conditions. The high should reach the 40º mark, but it probably won't go much higher then that come this afternoon. Like I mentioned yesterday, this whole week will be below normal with the highest Nashville temp. not getting to 60º anytime this week. But with this cold air mass in place, the moisture factor looks to be out of the picture for anyone this week as well...it looks more and more likely that this weekend will be dry rather then wintry like first thought.

*WC- Wind Chill

Nashville: low 40's; WC in the mid 30's
Clarksville: low 40's; WC in the mid 30's
Cookeville: upper 30's; WC in the low 30's
Columbia: low 40's; WC in upper 30's
Manchester: upper 30's to low 40's; WC in the low to mid 30's

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