Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last SnowTrac Map for November 30th System

The only changes I have made from yesterday's SnowTrac forecast, is that I moved all the dark blue shaded areas out of TN and put them into KY. And I've also moved the gray (no accumulation area) up some places. WKRN meteorologist Davis Nolan mentioned that some of the county school systems north and east of Nashville could get out tomorrow, and WTVF meteorologist Kelly Cox showed a map this morning where places north and east of Nashville would get around 1" of snow to accumulate. So with those predictions, I'm finding that we could wake up too a good snow cover tomorrow here at the station.

*I shaded Savannah, TN in pink for a reason. Savannah, part of NWS in Memphis' DMA region, were mentioned in this morning's outlook stating that they might issue Winter Weather Advisories for that area and places in their DMA. If they where to do that, I wouldn't doubt it one bit if Nashville decided to follow suit and issue the same thing for many of it's counties (especially the places in NE and Northern Middle TN). So keep those fingers crossed people.

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