Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plains Outbreak Update; Mid. TN/Highland Rim Nighttime Forecast

Here's the current U.S. radar. As you can see there is an intense and violent squall line marching its way east, but the cells in the line are moving NE. This is an impressive cold front coming in from the west and with this front, brings the storms. And as you can see for us here in the southeast (exception of Southern GA and the Panhandle of Florida) we are DRY. Here's what you can expect the Central U.S. to see tonight.

  • The squall line will continue to march eastward and might lose a little strength, but not alot.

  • There is either a Severe T'storm Warning or a Tornado Warning with the line that stretches from Iowa to Texas.

  • There are currently 3 watches out and all of them are Tornado Watches and 2 are PDS.

  • There is a MSD (Mesoscale Discussion) that the SPC has out for parts of Southern Iowa about there tornado and wind damage expected very soon.

  • There has been 28 tornado reports in 6 different states. (1 in Colorado, 11 in Kansas, 7 in Nebraska, 1 in South Dakota, 4 in Missouri, and 3 in Iowa.)

Now for us back here in Tennessee, we look to stay storm free, but also cold free. The lows tonight will not make it feel like nighttime as we only look to get down to about the low to mid 70's for Nashville ands the upper 60's on the Plateau. The wind won't help us tomorrow as it looks to die down to only about 5-10 mph with maybe some higher gust getting to 15. The models are suggesting at a pop up rainshower/t'shower late tomorrow on the Plateau, but I'm only going to put that chance on tomorrow's forecast at about slim to none. Nashville is going to stay in the low to mid 70's tonight and as for everyone else you will range anywhere from 72º down to 68º on the Plateau towards Crossville.

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