Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Forecast; Ike Forecast Map

Good Morning everyone! As we begin our weekend, the weather here in Middle TN couldn't get any better. The morning fog and drizzle should begin to back off at mid-morning today and give way to a partly/mostly clear sky for areas west of Nashville. Areas from Nashville eastward will have to wait til around mid-afternoon for the skies to clear, but the temperatures are the mainly story. Due to a north wind and cloud's. Our temperature will hover right around the 80ยบ mark all day with some areas on the Plateau not getting out of the 70's with isolated shower chances before the bulk of the clouds move out of the region later on this afternoon.
Here's my Ike Forecast Map. This is my first ever forecast map, so it may look a little rough and the colors may not be the best choices either. So please bare with me. If you'd like to make a forecast. Just leave a comment in the comments section for all to see what your forecast is and how well it fared!

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