Monday, September 8, 2008

Cat. 1 Hurricane Ike Update

As I mentioned this morning, Ike has indeed weakened alot since crossing Cuba, but he is still at hurricane status with winds at 80 mph. He is currently over the Carribean waters, but is forecasted to go back over NW Cuba later on during the next several hours. I want you to notice something...even though Ike has lost alot of his strength, you can still see a tight center of circulation which means once he gets out over the open waters (like he is now) it wouldn't take him long to grow if the right setups are in place. Which at this time is not since he is still so close to land, but if this was the satellite picture back over the Gulf, it would strength fast.I put this image back up, too show you the big change in the spaghetti charts from what they where this morning. I wasn't buying into the TX landfall, but now I'm beginning to trend that way, if the models continue to do so. Once Ike hits his landfall point, alot of the models are sending Ike up to the N/NW at a fast rate of speed. If that was too happen, we here in Middle TN could have a rainy, severe day with gusty winds/heavy rain/isolated tornadoes. Ike is still WAY far out there in the Carribean to be thinking all this threw, but as of right now. That is what would occur later on.

* I would like to announce that the Highland Rim TN WX blog team, has a new addition. His name is Fred Gossage and he is an excellent weather forecaster with a well established knowledge of meteorology that is going to be a great asset to this team and site. We are very honored to have Fred on this team and I can't wait to learn more from him!

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