Friday, October 3, 2008

Patchy Frost; 70º Day Ahead

The counties in light blue on this map by weatherunderground, have the chance at seeing some patchy, light frost this morning when the low got down into the low 40's to upper 30's and the clear skies we had overnight helped this to be possible. We have a current temperature of 40ºF here while areas in Nashville, with the heat island effect, have a temperature of around 45ºF. This frost should wear off by sunrise and we shall see a day in the 70's occur for many in the Mid State, areas on the upper part of the Plateau may not get out of the 60's again, but that will be a very few.

Nashville: low to mid 70's
Clarksville: low 70's
Cookeville: low 70's
Columbia: low to mid 70's
Manchester: low to mid 70's

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