Friday, October 17, 2008

TN/KY Winter Forecast 08-09' Season

08-09’ TN and KY Winter Outlook
  • Winter Headlines
  • It looks as if the precipitation overall will be slightly below average for not only TN and KY, but for most of the Southeastern states.

    And as far as temperatures go, it seems as they will be above average for much of the winter period, especially as we enter the February period.

    For the ones who may remember, you have probably seen this same year mentioned in many other outlooks, the winter year of 89-90’ looks like the best winter resemblance of what this year may become. And I’ll explain that more at the end of the outlook.


For most of us Middle Tennessean’s and South Central Kentuckians, December may be a “bluff” month of winter wx. I say that because it looks as if the cold air will be in place, but the lack of moisture may cause us to not get much snow at all. If we do get an increased amount of moisture, then December could be a fun month and that is why I call it the “bluff” month cause January and February will be much different.

  • January
If we get any decent amount of snow here in Middle TN and South Central KY, it will more then likely be in the month of January. The moisture will be on the increase, but so will the temps. It does look cold enough, however, that we could see one good TN “snowstorm’ (3+”) occur in this month. Also in this month, due to the moisture and temperature increase…severe weather becomes an issue.
  • February
As far as the month of February goes, if you’re looking for snow, travel to a ski slope in Colorado or Montana cause you are not getting any snow here. I expect to see an active severe weather month in February instead of a winter month due to the warm, above average temperatures and moisture. February looks to have the best precipitation chance out of the 3 months, and as that is a good thing, our severe risk will be amplified when any strong cold fronts comes through our area much like we saw last year.
  • Conclusion
To end on a good note, I will say that for us here in TN and KY, it seems that we will have everything in place to at least have an average 08-09’ winter with many school closings and snow days! I’m going to say that areas of South Central KY may get a total of 11-13” this year while areas in Nashville will see totals of maybe 8-10” this winter. The thing that irritates me is that we will have all the ingredients for snow, but the month that has the most moisture, also will have the highest temperature avg. of all 3 months (February) and then in December, we will have the cold air, but lack the moisture. If we could turn some things around, I’d say this winter would be fun, but we can’t and should still see at least an average snowfall season!


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