Sunday, October 26, 2008

Middle TN Freeze Watch; Comfortable Sunday

The map above shows that all the areas of Middle TN and Highland Rim are in a Freeze Watch for Monday night into early Tuesday morning. This will be the first freeze of the year for many, but if you live in the Nashville suburbs you may not see a freeze this go around due to the UHIE (Urban Heat Island Effect) which I will possibly mention a lot this year and will come into play with the winter snows here.

But for today, you can expect much of the same like yesterday, dry and comfortable the only difference is, is that we will possibly see 70's today for many. You should get out and really enjoy today as over the next few days, the Artic chill will be in place over our region. Today would be a nice day for a Sunday drive across your county! Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday.
Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: upper 60's to low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: low 70's
Manchester: upper 60's to low 70's


MTWC said...
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MTWC said...

Actually the Nashville suburbs stay pretty cool. The urban areas of town will stay warmer. I'm in the southern edge of Nashville and I stay about 2-4º cooler than the airport and about 3-5º cooler than Downtown. Places like Brentwood, Bellevue and Joelton are considerable cooler than Nashville itself. Speaking of temperatures here is a good link to recorded temps across the Midstate. Figured you might like it if you haven't seen it so far.


Charles Loring said...

Thanks Clay. When I mentioned Nashville suburbs, I was really meaning the areas in and really close to downtown Nashville. But come Tuesday doesn't matter where you live, I think everyone will see at least frost then.