Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crisp Morning; Cool Afternoon

This morning is the coldest it has been for Nashville all year and for many other TN locations too. Our low got to around 40ºF last night and as of right now it is 43ºF and we also are going to have a slight N/NW wind in place that will make it feel cooler then it actually is just like yesterday. Rain still isn't our 7 day future, but some of the models are painting more of a warmer/wetter period to come into play later on this month. Models do change in an instant sometimes, so we will continue to monitor this situation here at the Highland Rim TN WX Station.

Nashville: upper 60's
Clarksville: upper 60's
Cookeville: mid to upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's
Manchester: upper 60's

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