Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rim and Plateau Flurries, Freeze Warning Tonight

Yes! Winter now looks to be here in Middle TN, and so goes the growing season with the freeze we should see tonight. We didn't see a freeze here last night due to the clouds not breaking up and because the clouds didn't break up...flurries have been flying on the Rim and Plateau all night. As of right now, the NWS office in Nashville says that light snow is falling in Cookeville and Crossville this morning. None of it will stick (temperatures are at 36ºF in Cookeville and Crossville), but it is nice to see that we can have snow in October. Most of this activity will subside at around the 7-8 o'clock time frame.

Today will be much like yesterday...cold and windy. With the high's barely getting into the 50's if they even get that high.

Nashville: low 50's
Clarksville: upper 40's to low 50's
Cookeville: mid 40's
Columbia: low 50's
Manchester: upper 40's

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