Friday, October 17, 2008

Chilly, Fall Like Weather Pattern In Full Swing

After yesterday's rain/mist event, today will be much different in the fact that we will have sunny skies and highs right around the 65ºF-68ºF depending on your location. I hope everyone saw some rain yesterday, I was out til 11 o'clock last evening and it was still misting here in Lafayette like it was all day. With my rain gauge out of service, I don't know how much rain fell here, if you'd like to post how much rain you got at your location, leave a comment in the comment section. What can be a better end to a work week then a 60º, sunny skied day? Have a great Friday everyone!

* I'm going to be posting my TN/KY Winter Outlook later on today, so be sure you come check out my predictions for the upcoming winter.

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