Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend Outlook

Today is the first day of noticeable weather change since Monday. Clouds rolled in late last night and early this morning and now fill our skies. For the most part, Tennessee is mostly cloudy right now. Areas to the SE like Chattanooga have some holes in the clouds. I'm going to go ahead and say we will be Mostly Cloudy through the late morning/early afternoon, then we should see some clearing by mid-afternoon. Now there is not much rain associated with this cloud cover. Areas in NW and W Tennessee are experiencing some light scattered shower activy. Any rain today will be very isolated. You will also notice today will be quite muggy. Dewpoints will range from 57-60 degrees.

Today's Forecast:
Mostly Cloudy becoming Partly Cloudy
High: 83 degrees
Dewpoint: 60 degrees

The weekend looks to be much like todat except our rain chances will rise.

Mostly Cloudy
80 degrees
Chance of Rain: 40%

Thunderstorms Likely
79 degrees
Chance of Rain 95%

Have a Good Day!!!!

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