Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday's Forecast; More Great Weather

Today is going to be much like the past two days. No clouds and cool temperatures for you again today in The Mid-State. The much talked about area of high pressure still resides near the Ohio Valley, however I do anticipate a change in the week ahead.

Here's your forecast:
Nashville; Sunny; 81
Columbia; Sunny; 82
Cookeville; Sunny; 80

This week's weather should shape up like this. By tomorrow we should have some clouds start to come into the TN/OH Valley regions, but i'm not seeing a chance of rain Thursday. Friday brings in more sun and clouds but we could see some isolated storms fire up in the heat of the day, not expecting any severe weather out of those storms. Saturday, much the same, sun and clouds with a 20% chance of Isolated Thunderstorms. Now as we move into the Memorial Day timeframe, our chances of seeing precipitation increase. Monday night into Tuesday are our best chances of seeing some rain.
**Weekly NOAA Weather Radio Test Today for the Nashville Transmitter** (162.550 mHZ.)

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