Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday's and This Morning's Rain Fall Totals; More Wet Weather Today

The map above is from the weatherunderground website and I've added my own paint to it to show you some areas that got nice rains from yesterday and, surprisingly, this morning. These areas received a good amount of rain.

Right around Ashland City, TN (Cheatham County): 4"+
Celina, TN (Clay County): 3"+
Jackson, TN (Madison County): 2-3"+

Today, you can expect most of the rains and thunder to stay to the north til about the noontime hour, then it will progress on towards the south and give you guys in the lower TN Valley some rain for the afternoon and evening hours. There was Flash Flooding and Flood Advisories out yesterday for some people, so watch, again, for the potential for flooded roads and creeks with today's rainfall potential of around 2-3".

Nashville: mid 80's; rain clearing around 1-2 this evening; 40% chance
Clarksville: mid to upper 80's; rain clearing around 10:00 this morning; 30% chance
Cookeville: mid to upper 70's; rain clearing around 3 this evening. 50% chance
Columbia: low to mid 80's; rain clearing around 5 this evening; 50% chance
Manchester: low 80's; rain clearing late this evening; 50% chance

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