Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mild Evening Tonight; Cool Pic

It has been another typicl summer day here in Middle Tennessee, some areas reached up into the mid-90's for the second straight day. Like I said this morning we had a few pop-up thunderstorms in Wayne and Lawrence County. And that was it for the heat relief! Expect the next several days to be hot, the heat wave should end on Wednesday.

Tomorrow it's much of the same, heat with a slight chance of seeing a shower or storm in the extreme southern counties.

This image is from KDMX, the NWS field office in Des Moines. I was watching these storms and I looped the image after I saved it and vwal-la. This image is from the Radar product Base Velocity it is good for determining strong winds at the lowest level of the radars sweep. This is a large swath of positive return from an intense, Tornado Warned cell. The yellow cicle is an area of storm based rotation 2-6 miles in diameter called a Mesocyclone. Look at the Bright Red. It is Radar Indicated winds at 86 MILES PER HOUR, OUCH! There was a severe thunderstorm warning out I just had them turned off.

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