Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Storm Photo; Hurricane Dolly

This is a storm image that our own Matt Brawner caught during yesterday's storms. If you have any weather pictures you'd like to send us, e-mail me them at and I'll put them up here on the blog during my morning or mid-day post. I hope my inbox gets full! The storms caused alot of damage south and east of my location. There was a report out of Cookeville of one injury when a tree fell on a car at an intersection! But as for me and my video camera...we didn't see alot of anything. And my attitude showed it! But I'll be ok if I get some storm photos.
This image is the latest satellite image of Dolly from space. Here's the current numbers on Dolly.

Winds: 85 mph (higher gust): Cat 1 strength
Location: 45 miles off coast of Brownsville
Movement: NW at 8 mph
Landfall location/Time: Anywhere in between Brownsville and the South Padre Island/ 5-6 hours away

Here's my forecast prediction of Dolly:

Maximum Strength Winds: 100 mph (Low Cat. 2)
Landfall Location: Brownsville or slightly north of Brownsville
Landfall Time: Mid-Morning to early afternoon (12-3 o'clock)
Spawned Tornadoes from Dolly: 10-12 tornadoes across the coast of TX.

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