Thursday, July 17, 2008

Volunteer Weather Blog

Hey to all my blog readers, I was wanting to tell ya'll about a site ran by a guy who is a moderator at , his name I can't say, but his site, is a site I can speak of. Over on his site, has a discussion section on his blog and all you do is look at the top bar where it says, "Severe", "Tropical", "Forecast", etc. and on the end, you will see a tab that says"Talk", just click on that and it takes you to the discussion section, you'll also see my enteries as well. Have fun at his site and thanks for visiting mine and Matt's too!


MTWC said...

If you don't know it is Brandon.

Charles Loring said...

I know, he has e-mailed me before. I just didn't want to mention his name since I didn't have permission.