Saturday, July 19, 2008

Morning and Evening Forecast; July 19th

Hey guys, I've got a jammed packed day in store, so I'm only doing one post today for the morning and evening.

Morning: Today is going to look alot similar to what yesterday looked like. Temps. in the 90's; Small Afternoon Pop-up showers; and high humidity. The better rain chances don't show up til the start of the next work week. But those chances are less then 50% at this time.

Evening: Tonight, you can expect temps. to not feel so low. Most places will not get out of the 70's with the exception being the Cumberland Plateau. The rain chances will back off as the sun sets, so your Saturday evening plans shouldn't be ruined weather wise.

  • Counties in and around Nashville are, again, in an Air Quality Alert for today.

  • Bertha has yet again strengthened up to hurricane status as of late yesterday.

  • The Tropical Wave off the coast of GA and FL, has now been upgraded into a Tropical Depression, and is the 3rd one of the hurricane season so far.

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