Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Evening Post; Matt's Post

Sorry about not making a morning post, was sort of busy. Anyway, for your Saturday night plans, everything looks like it may go well weather wise. I can't completely rule out an after shower this evening, but that chance looks VERY slim and the most likely places to even see this possibly occur, would be in Southern Mid. TN. Overnight lows look to dip down to only into the low 70's for the Nashville region, but a lot of people may reach the 68-69ºF readings. As we look towards next week, a heat wave may be in store for us Middle Tennesseans, but I'll have more on that in tomorrow's post.

Nashville: low 70's
Clarksville: upper 60's to low 70's
Cookeville: upper 60's
Columbia: upper 60's to low 70's
Manchester: upper 60's to low 70's; >5% chance

As you all know, Matt is doing some works for the blog, and what I've proposed to Matt is, is that I take over his blog duties for now, til he gets the work done. I haven't gotten a response from him on this matter yet, but I think I should have one tomorrow morning.

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