Monday, July 7, 2008

Hurricane Bertha Is Alive!; HOT Day Ahead

I was going to upload a picture of Bertha, but the family computer is being its normal self! Well from the latest satellite image, you can clearly tell that an eye is about to form in the center of the convection. I've got good news and bad news. The good news with Bertha is that it doesn't look to make a U.S. landfall, but that still could change. The bad news is that the latest tracks that I've seen, have it making a direct hit on Bermuda, but that is still too early to determine too. Both Matt and I will continue to monitor what this hurricanes path will be in the coming days and will relay the news back to you guys.

Now for us today, all we have to deal with is HOT. HOT, HOT conditions. The models are suggesting at areas in Southern KY and Northern TN to get some rain from the MCS system that's up in Indiana and Illinois this morning, but I'm not thinking that we will see much in the way of rain today. The highs will reach as high as, maybe in some spots, the mid 90's. Here's today's forecasted highs.

Nashville: low 90's (mid 90's in isolated spots)
Clarksville: low 90's
Cookeville: upper 80's
Columbia: low 90's (mid 90's in isolated spots)
Manchester: low 90's

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