Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Evening; Air Quality Alert Tomorrow

It is going to be a cool evening with lows in the Lower to Middle 60's! Some outlying areas could hit the upper 50's!! Expect cool, clear conditions until Saturday!

Tomorrow there is an Air Quality Alert in effect for the following counties;ROBERTSON-SUMNER-MACON-DICKSON-CHEATHAM-DAVIDSON-WILSON-TROUSDALE-
SMITH-HICKMAN-WILLIAMSON-RUTHERFORD-CANNON- Please remember to limit over exertion to the outdoors especially for young children and sensitive groups such as, Asthma, Resperiatory Problems, etc.

Here is some info. to pass along the wire; NOAA Weather Radios on the frequency of 162.5500 MHz (Robertson, Sumner, Davidson, Macon, Trousdale, Wilson, Montgomerey, Dickson, Cheatam counties) will be out of operation on Thursday for several hours due to routine maintenance. This will only be done weather permitting!


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